Ellett wins 20th pro bout on points

The ‘Lightning Bolt’ Lloyd Ellett moved up to 19-1 with a points win over Slovakian opponent, Andrej Moravek (2-5-1) at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton on Friday night (February 12).

Referee, Robert Williams scored the contest 60-53 to the home fighter, which served as his 20th bout in the professional ranks. Following the fight Lloyd said, “I feel alright. He was a bit slippery and hard to pinned down. He definitely didn’t come to lie down.”

LE-v-AMThe 28-year-old Sussex boxer started well, establishing his range and dominance in the opening rounds, dictating the pace of the contest. Ellett commented, “He was a little bit wild at first so I had to ease into it. I could have stepped it up a bit before but I’m happy.”

Ellett dropped his counterpart midway through the third round and started to really take it up a gear, scoring stinging shots to head and body, bloodying Moravek’s nose in the process.

The super-welterweight began loading up on big shots, coming close to forcing the stoppage at the midway point. Ellet began the fourth round as he ended the third – relentless pressure from the bell sounding, instantly forcing his opponent back onto the ropes.

Moravek was game all the way through, moving on his toes, keeping up with the pace before taking a knee once more but ruled as a stumble by referee, Robert Williams. Seconds before the bell, Moravek was on the floor again but not from any visible punch or stumble of feet, seemingly just from exhaustion.

In the penultimate round, Ellett waited patiently for an opening, pounding in body shots persistently but his foe stood strong under the pressure, the referee having a close look the entire round.

Last round, Moravek got stuck between the ropes but hadn’t actually touched down, Ellett using the chance to batter his opponent under cries of protest from the Bulgarian.

LE-with-JakeTestament to the occasion, Moravek ended the fight on one knee courtesy of a body-rippling blow from the Brighton boxer as the final bell chimed and the Lightning Bolt’s hand was raised to rapturous applause. Intent on landing a big fight next, Ellett confirmed his aspirations, stating, “I’ll be straight back in the gym on Monday, might even do something on Sunday.”

The February 12 Crusader Events show at the Metropole Hotel saw popular Brighton boxer, Nicky Jenman (15-8-1) win the Southern Area middleweight title on points in a barnstormer of a contest against travelling opponent, Nathan Graham (17-8-1).

Unbeaten heavyweight prospect, Nick Webb (4-0) from Chertsey, Surrey tore through his Bulgarian opponent, stopping him in just 26 seconds of action.

Detail and tickets for Lloyd’s next fight will be available once announced from www.lloydellett.com

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