The obvious answer is that we can give you excellent exposure and coverage. We love our advertisers. No advertisers, no magazine.

Savvy advertisers these days understand that print is not necessarily the best use of their advertising budgets. Print reach is unquantifiable, and the success of ad campaigns is hard to measure.

Digital we can offer clear stats, drive ads and editorial directly to specific target audiences, and chart the success of its outcome.

Print advertising of course is really just about brand visibility, which has its merits of course. But think of it this way…

If you were a driving instructor, you could stick your leaflet through every letterbox in a street and hope that someone along there is going to want to learn to drive. But how about if we told you we could pick out the houses where that was a definite? You’d want to know more, wouldn’t you?

If you want your ad to land in the hand of someone who actually cares about you, talk to us.

Download our media pack HERE or take a look below at our online media pack and our rates below.

Other things to note:-

· Series ads enjoy a really good reduction in cost

· All advertisers will benefit from a FREE directory link on our website

· All advertisers benefit from exposure on our social media platforms

· Advertisers benefit from editorial support

· Invitations to our VIP social and networking events throughout Sussex

· Website advertising is offered at great add-on costs, or separate to print

· Ad agencies and PR agencies place ads for clients will benefit from a 10% commission

· Every issue has a Directory section for those on a budget

Got an ad enquiry? Please email us on and we’ll work to make sure you get the best possible deal for your money.