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Because we can help you reach your target audience. With measurable campaigns, and strategic advice.We’ll make you look awesome. We can even create quantifiable sales funnels for you.

We love our advertisers. No advertisers, no us.

Savvy advertisers these days understand that often, print ads aren’t the best use of their advertising budgets. Print reach is unquantifiable, and the success of ad campaigns is hard to measure.

Digital we can offer clear stats, drive ads and editorial directly to specific target audiences, and chart the success of its outcome.

Print advertising is about brand visibility, which definitely has its merits of course. But think of it this way…

If you were a driving instructor, you could bung your leaflet to every house in a street, and hope to find a learner. But we can tell you which houses have someone, looking for driving lessons.

How d’you like them apples?

If you want your ad to reach someone who actually wants you, talk to us.

Other things to note:-

· Series ads enjoy a really good reduction in cost

· All advertisers will benefit from a FREE directory link on our website

· All advertisers benefit from exposure on our social media platforms

· Advertisers benefit from editorial support

· Invitations to our VIP social and networking events throughout Sussex

· Ad agencies and PR agencies placing ads for clients will benefit from a 10% commission

Got an ad enquiry? Please email us on and we’ll work to make sure you get the best possible deal for your money.

3 days ago

Title Sussex Magazine

There are food banks across the whole of Sussex. Do something kind this weekend ❤️Foodbank Friday

Thanks to the immediate response for donations of jams, honey and marmalade earlier in the week, I’ve already seen jars appearing in the collection baskets across the area. This is great and please keep them coming!

If you’re doing the weekend shop this Friday, please think of the Shoreham Foodbank. Andy our volunteer warehouse manager says that the shelves are getting very low of:

> Rice
> Instant mash
> Milk
> Instant coffee
> Mixed puddings
>Jams, honey and marmalade
> Tinned spaghetti
>Pet food (cat and dog)

We have 9 donation points across the area. To find your nearest one, please visit

Thank you for your continued support. See MoreSee Less

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