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Title is a contemporary lifestyle magazine based in Sussex, delivering exciting content, with dynamic online presence and huge organic reach. That’s some of the team in the pic above. We’re a nice bunch

Having launched as a print publication, we quickly realised that digital is largely the way forward. We still publish the occasional print issue – our food and drink specials are massively popular, as are our schools or wedding special issues – and we do still have a deep love of all things print (maybe it’s just the smell of a new magazine!). But we are justly proud of the massive success of our online magazine, and this is where the focus is.


Savvy advertisers these days understand that print is not the best use of their advertising budgets. Print reach is unquantifiable, and the success of ad campaigns is hard to measure. Whereas with digital we can offer clear stats, drive ads and editorial directly to specific target audiences, and chart the success of its outcome.

Print advertising of course is really just about brand visibility.


Title’s articles are widely read and shared repeatedly, and we get a tremendously positive response to our content. We have high levels of traffic and engagement, and one of the things we like best is getting your news live on our site, whilst it’s still buzzing! Print publications can take weeks in production – we love being fast on the uptake with stories and features.

If you’d like to know more about our brand strategy, get your hands on our forward features list, or find out how much it is to secure a dynamic presence on our website, get in touch

Sponsored features, articles, ad spaces and feature inclusions are all very competitively priced, and marketing packages are available too, offering plenty of social media exposure on your behalf.


Another benefit to being digital is that we can answer this clearly. So for a start we can tell you that we enjoy around 60,000 hits a week on this site – that’s a lot of reading!

Secondly, we can tell you that our readership is about 60/40 female to male. No surprises there.

Thirdly, our core audience ranges from 25-54 with age group 35-44 being the biggest hitters. Our readers are largely based in Sussex, although the second biggest audience is based in London – so we’re clearly reaching beyond our boundaries. Another thing that’s hard to do in print.

Our carefully selected publication targeting means that we reach prosperous readers that hit that all-important super-solvent demographic. Our content draws in discerning, affluent readers, people with style and those with disposable incomes. They are exactly the people you want to see your advertising, trust us.


Title Sussex is just one magazine from the Title Media publishing house. Title Media is not only a publisher, the business is a digital marketing agency offering content strategy, marketing and social media management.

Our dedicated in house team has something like eight decades of experience in the multimedia and publishing industries, and our trusted, regular contract staff include experienced and talented strategists, copy writers, designers, journalists, business consultants, social media unicorns and editors. We cover a whole range of services including:

– In-house brochuresTitle Media agency - content strategy and social media management www.titlemedia.co.uk
– Graphic design
– Website design
– Content strategy, production and management
– Social media management and training
– Magazine production
– Advertising
– Social networking

And tons more…

With Title Media at the foreground of our developments away from Title Sussex, we invite you to visit the website to find out more on how we can help you by clicking here or on the logo above.

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Title Sussex Magazine

Happy Easter! 🐣Don’t eat too much choc… oh who are we kidding?! 🐣 🐇 🍫 See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Title Sussex Magazine

Great news for the ‘Shoreham seal’ 💙
Well done Coastway Vets – Shoreham and British Divers Marine Life Rescue for their perseverance.

Coastway Vets – Shoreham

Finally, something positive to report on the story of our little Shoreham Seal. Our visitor appeared again at the lighthouse this afternoon; seasoned seal watcher Iain was there to see him arrive and was able to make contact with BDMLR to report this and send them on some pictures of his current state. Beanie and Peter joined him a short while later; and under instructions from BDMLR they were tasked with observing his behaviour, but asked not to approach in case we needed to capture him on this occasion. Last week, you’ll remember that he was seen to have a red/orange line hanging from his mouth as well as a hacking cough and lots of discharge from around his oral/nasal area. The cough had become worse over the 24 hours that succeeded that and our concerned grew; although on subsequent occasions the "line" has not been seen again. BDMLR had serious concerns also about the potential implications of lungworm (the other explanation for the red/orange "line" hanging out of our seals mouth last week). In seals it is common for them to have a low burden of these parasites, but from time to time that burden increases and the affected animal starts to show symptoms such as coughing and loss of condition.
As those of you who have been following our post will be aware, we had a period of 2-3 days over the weekend where our fantastic group of seal watchers failed to catch a glimpse of him/her at all, and our concerns had grown. However, today we were rewarded with the most fantastic sight (confirmed as our seal by the tag on his rear flipper) an altogether brighter and slightly chunkier chap(ess) wobbling up the slipway to lay in the sun. This time no sign of any discharge from his/her mouth/nose, no visable "line" and in the two hours stood with him/her only heard to briefly cough twice. Gayle called and spoke to BDMLR directly and reported what had been noted in his demeanour and general appearance today, they were keen for a few observers to stay and watch from a distance just to see that we hadn’t caught him/her at a good point. I’m happy to say that things continued to look really positive and eventually he wobbled back off down the slipway and back into the water where he approached some canoists and hung around for a little while looking back at all these nosey people that had come to spy on him!
So, the plan for the coming days and weeks is to ask that everyone gives him his space, but observes from a distance to see that his progress continues. I am having dialogue with an experienced zoo and exotics vet as to the best way we can treat him/her for lungworm; and I will action this appropriately. In the meantime, provided all is well, there is no longer the need for people to report his sightings to British Divers Marine Life Rescue (they will very much be there if we need them). We would still ask that the greater public are aware that they should not be trying to touch him and that human food is not a suitable diet for a seal. Enjoy him and look out for him, but appreciate that he is a wild animal.

For the time being our thanks go out to Iain and Roxanne Brown, Beanie Bridle RVN, Carla Finzel RVN, Michelle Jackson,RNLI Shoreham, Shoreham Port, Sean Stones @wyld: photography and to Southwick Print Limited for sorting us out our hi-vis vests; and to everyone else who has liked, commented or shared our posts over this time. We will continue to keep you updated with any news and would welcome contact from anyone with any concerns about our beautiful visitor.

P.S I’ve added a donate button in case anyone who has followed our post feels they may be in a position to recognise the support given by BDMLR throughout this. They are entirely staffed by volunteers but have been on the phone around the clock to support our efforts. Thank you x

P.P.S He (or she) shall henceforth be known as Jack ….after Jack Sparrow in homage to his pirate patch😉 See MoreSee Less

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