You know how to whistle, don’t you?

Choosing the right wedding suit is vital for that all-important big day. Fal Blake gives us some top tips on choosing the right suit for the man.

IMAGE-3A Bespoke Suit
Here is your opportunity to get every little detail just the way you want it, matching your personality and the theme of your wedding day to a T. The little details you can add to your wedding suit are endless; have full control over the type of lapel, the number of vents on the jacket, the width of the trousers… Flashes of colour on the cuffs and/or under the collar, embroidery (from a bumblebee to your initials), and bespoke accessories such as pocket squares, ties and cravats.


The Morning Suit
The morning suit dates back to the early 18th century when it quickly became very popular and was soon adopted as *THE* item to wear at any formal daytime event. See also ‘White Tie and Tails’. The clue is in the name with this one.

Both are great choices if you’re having a formal wedding day. Embrace the traditions; after all, it’s the one day where you really get to dress to impress. More and more we’re seeing clients going for the traditional morning suit/tails, but opting to have them made in completely non-traditional cloth. But unless you regularly socialise in high society or attend sporting events such as Ascot, how many times will you realistically wear this again?

The Personal Touch
IMAGE-5Some clients really make the suit their own by getting us to create bespoke prints. These can be used on both lining and suiting, from something really personal to you, such as family photos to something much more. One example that springs to mind is a suit we created for a client that had photographs of burgers printed onto the cloth. Anything is possible. As well as Gresham Blake there are some other great tailors in Sussex include Hugo Morris, and Dandylion Style. What you have to remember with bespoke suits is that you are making a long-term investment for an item that fits you perfectly.

IMAGE-7A Ready to Wear Suit
Pretty much every good menswear store on the high-street will stock a multitude of ‘off the peg’ suits that will be suitable for a groom, the really good ones will also offer in-house adjustments. It’s the attention to these little nips and tucks that can make a ready to wear suit look the business, so look for the interesting details that set them apart.

Gresham Blake stocks a wide range of off the peg suits in various cloths and colours. I also recommend Jump the Gun in Brighton and of course large department stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser or John Lewis, which you can find across the whole of Sussex. If you need a suit quickly this is definitely the way to go.

The Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket
IMAGE-2Time to channel James Bond! The DJ or ‘tux’ became popular at the end of the First World War and was the favoured alternative to morning suits and tails, commonly worn at formal evening soirees. There are so many elements that you can mix up with the tuxedo; you have the freedom to make it your own. Single or double breasted? Contrasting lapels?

I would recommend that this is crafted in a medium weight cloth, something like a Barathea or a wool and mohair mix. These have really nice textures and will take your tux to the next level. For those that really want the Bond look, go for the wool and mohair mix, as this it what his suit was made from.