A grand Scheme

Sussex-based band The Scheme have built an impressive following including the likes of Paul Weller, Pixie Lott and Jessie J and Title caught up with the trio to find out what they've got in the works

Who are The Scheme?
We’re three guys who are great friends and share the same dream of wanting to make music together. We pride ourselves on our close relationship and teamwork.

Because of this, we decided to have no front man, but to share everything equally as we all have so much to offer to the music. We will always continue making music as a team, because without all three of us, it wouldn’t be The Scheme.

IMG_2111How was the band formed?
We (Kyle & Kris) met in studio during a writing session.  We instantly had a bond and wanted to start a band. Fast-forward a few months, we were out in London watching a gig and Aleksey was the guitarist for the artist performing.

After the gig we got chatting to him and found out he wasn’t in a band.  Soon after we asked him to be a part of The Scheme and we haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe your sound?
Being influenced by different artists growing up, we all bring a different style to our sound, ranging from Rock to R&B. You could say, The Script meets Maroon 5, with a new twist.

What is the reason behind the band’s name?
From early on, we were always “scheming” about how to move forward, whether it was writing, performing or coming up with the next big plan. After a few times of that process being referred to as our scheme, we quickly realised that the name fit us perfectly and The Scheme was born.

Who writes the songs and what is the inspiration behind them?
We tend to all write as a team. Like all musicians, we are inspired by the music we grew up with and the artists we admire today. There’s no set formula really. It sometimes starts with a riff, a personal situation, or just when we’re out and about and that idea just needs to be turned into a song.

What projects are you currently working on?
We are in the midst of promoting our single ‘Jordan’s Smile’ (below) which we wrote for the ‘Jordan Smelksi Foundation For Amoeba Awareness’ in memory of Jordan Smelksi.

Jordan passed away last July at just 11 years old after he contracted a deadly amoeba. We will be performing the song in August at the Amway Center to help raise awareness for this great charity and cause.

What is the band’s favorite Sussex venue?
By far the Brighton Centre. We have seen a few gigs there, including Joe Bonamassa. It’s just such an amazing venue, from the capacity it can hold to the perfect sound and acoustics. We would love to play there one day!

When did Aleksey join the band and what has he bought to the group?
Aleksey joined us in January of this year.  He has brought a great new energy to the band and he is a fantastic musician and writer.  We’re very excited to have him as a part of the band and we can’t wait for what’s ahead.

What is Aleksey’s past in the music industry?
He has been a session guitarist, working with producers, songwriters and bands. He has also played on TV shows for artists including the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Arise TV.

How did your time at BIMM help develop your musicianship Aleksey?
Being at BIMM, I had the chance to sit down with a couple of tutors one on one, who had, and still have, careers as session musicians in the industry. Being able to seek their advice on how to succeed in this field with all the different possibilities was really helpful.

What has been the highlight of your time as a group so far?
Since Aleksey has joined, there have been a lot of great things happening. The most exciting of which has been being invited to play our song ‘Jordan’s Smile’ for 15,000 people at the Amway Center in Florida this August.

How does it feel to know you have celebrity followers such as Paul Weller, Pixie Lott, Jessie J and Basement Jaxx?
We have always looked up to amazing artists like them, and it’s so great to know that they enjoy our music.

What does the future hold for The Scheme?
Our new single Dust will be released on 25th July which we are very excited about. We also have our debut album in the works which we’ll be releasing in 2016. We’re very excited to see where this road takes us, and we hope we’re around for a long time.

For more information on the band’s upcoming gigs and news visit www.thescheme.com

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