Feminine luxury watches for everyday wear

Both beautiful and practical, there’s a reason why a quality timepiece is a must for any wardrobe.

Explore our choice of feminine luxury watches for everyday wear, each of which promises to be an attention-grabbing element of any outfit.


Boasting a 175-year history, OMEGA is the epitome of excellence in Swiss watchmaking. They have no shortage of iconic designs including the Speedmaster which went to the moon and became known as the watch of James Bond.

One of our favourite designs is the Constellation which won several awards when introduced in 1952. Its perfect balance of practicality and artistry earned it the commending nickname ‘the Swiss watch’. Half-moon facets and an intricate window adorn the face and you can choose between bright metal bracelets and leather straps in a variety of colours.


Also founded in 19th-century Switzerland, the name Breitling carries much weight in the watch world. During their 140 years of watchmaking, Breitling has stayed committed to classic designs that prioritise precision and elegance.

The Navitimer, originally designed for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association in the 1950s, is one of the most recognisable Breiling watches having been released in a variety of editions over the decades. In our favourite models, the highly readable face is has a background of pink quartz or rose gold and is encircled with mother-of-pearl or diamond dots.


A name that needs no introduction, Cartier is beloved by people across the globe for its bright bold designs often adorned with glittering gems. The brand received the royal seal of approval in the early 1900s. It was described as ‘Jeweller of Kings and King of Jewellers’ by King Edward VII. Cartier has continued to be a favourite for royalty ever since.

In terms of watches, the Tank design as worn by Princess Diana is the most regal in our eyes. Styled with sword-shaped hands, a sapphire-tipped crown, Roman numerals and a ‘tick-tick’ quartz motion, it has an unapologetically vintage feel.


Hermes is one of the most iconic and enduring fashion houses. It’s no surprise that its collection of watches is incredibly innovative. While the daring designs are the highlight, Hermes has been careful to ensure that each model also offers precision timekeeping.

Choose between watches with a distinctive ‘H’ face design and other unusual shapes like long thin oblongs. The bracelets have a variety of weaves too including loose loops and a pattern of circles and squares.

Our favourites are the miniatures, remarkably delicate designs with tiny circle faces surrounded by diamonds.

There are so many feminine luxury watches for everyday wear out there, you’re sure to find the perfect one.