More fashion flashmob shows by stylist Jane Busby

Here at Title we love a bit of a flashmob, and combining that with fashion can only make things better.

Stylist Jane Busby styled and staged more Sussex fashion flashmob shows in July, for the third year running, startling shoppers outside stores such as Eyesite, Rock Lobster, Movel Shoes, and Pretty Eccentric.

With eight models and dancers diving into the shops each time and coming out wearing their wares, crowds parted as the team exploded into music and movement.

Our favourite was the Brazilian inspired trainers from Movel. The statement on the shop window says ‘Let your ginga out – trainers designed to let the feet move freely, fluidly and with confidence’.

The models certainly showed their dancing and they made the trainers irresistible to the crowds that stopped to watch.

What is ginga?!

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