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If there’s anything guaranteed to make adults feel like kids again, and know it’s allowed, it’s a themed Christmas party or event, as Sam Harrington-Lowe explains

Themed parties tend to fall into two big categories in the world of events. Three really, if you count awards nights, but those tend often to be Oscars themes or similar so we’ll skip those. The biggies are the summer party – stand by for hoedowns, barn dances, festivals and It’s a Knockout themes – and of course, Christmas.

Christmas is the real stonker. At no other time in the events calendar is there such a good excuse for overindulging in a ridiculous costume. Actually, a lot of themes are quite dressy and sophisticated, but if you want to make the most of that child-like joy, here are a few themes we particularly love.

cutStar-warsStar Wars
What can we say about this corker!? The appearance of yet another intergalactic epic this year is guaranteed to spawn a million Stars Wars themed parties. We’re looking at space food, stormtroopers, lots of black star cloth, R2D2 and of course Darth Vader presiding, plus installed shoot-em-up space games and fights with light sabres. The force is strong with this one.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Finally, this beloved frolic in full tackle is back again, with a new stage performance running through London in September, narrated by none other than Richard O’Brien himself (the show is at the Theatre Royal in Brighton in December). What a theme! We’re thinking giant lips, full cabaret show inspired by your favourite characters, staff in corsets and stockings and without a doubt, the Time Warp. Not for the shrinking violet, this theme.

cutSteampunkSteampunk or Gothic
Dressing up will definitely add to the overall atmos of these two themes. Although both have their roots in a similar era, they’re vastly different. Steampunk celebrates science fiction and fantasy incorporating aesthetic 19th-century design, inspired by industrial steam-powered machinery, whereas a gothic theme is steeped in romanticism. For your gothic party, great fun can be had with props such as tombstones, candelabras, black table linen and lots of candles – channel vampires and poets. With steampunk we’d like to see lots of brass combined with clever LED lighting, stuff with cogs on it, lots of top hats and crazy machinery, books, velvet, maps and fading photographs.

cutcontentSuicide Squad
Every year sees its own big blockbuster and 2016 is going to be the year of DC Comics’ moody monster, Suicide Squad. With names like Cara Delevingne, Will Smith and Jared Leto in the line-up, you can pretty much guarantee this subcultural gem will seep into our mainstream. And that’s often where we see the best events themes. Expect LOTS of dressing up and comic-based fun with this one; themed event spaces and tables, and plenty of crazy live cabaret and music.

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