Have you got what it takes to join the Freedom Revolution?

Penina Shepherd

Penina Shepherd is the founder of Acumen Law, award-winning entrepreneur, business lawyer and the author of the bestseller The Freedom Revolution.  Here she exclusively shares some of her wisdom with Title Sussex…

“So often you see passionate business people who are pursuing their purpose in business, but who enjoy no proper financial remuneration. Or you see others who are stuck in the rat race, constantly chasing more money, disregarding their passion and always feeling that ‘something is missing’.  Now this is all changing. Now there’s a revolution – The Freedom Revolution – where you can follow your passion AND be financially successful!

In The Freedom Revolution, I reflect on my own journey, working through how I set up the firm on a shoestring budget, in a tough recession, with a newborn third child and a life-threatening illness.  The story shares my journey with practical insight on being remarkable in this new and extraordinary business world.”


Penina Shepherd The Freedom RevolutionSO WHAT IS THE FREEDOM REVOLUTION ALL ABOUT?

“In the book I explain that business people in the revolution use their business and career as an extension of themselves to create something meaningful.  They are ‘changemakers’ and they are people who follow their dream and do something remarkable.  Literally, something that is worth remarking on. And they are very successful. They rid themselves of all preconceptions and enjoy the freedom; freedom to pursue their passion, their dream, their purpose and to be happy.

“In the revolution you, the changemaker within a business or the business founder, are a creator; and by definition, you revolt. In this era, you revolt to set yourself free to pursue your purpose and dream, and then set others free to pursue theirs. You will be making money as a result but not as your prime target. This will involve financial and emotional risk as well as putting your personal reputation at stake, but your return on investment is your freedom, and that is the best ROI out there.

“When your business life is aligned with your core values, purpose and passion; that’s when freedom has trumped fear”

“When your business life is aligned with your core values, purpose and passion; that’s when you know that freedom has trumped fear. You feel enlightened, present and full of consciousness. You feel alive like you have never felt before.  So now, more than ever, it is the time to set yourself free and join the revolution!

“As a free entrepreneur who is a creator and a changemaker in business, there will be downs as well as ups, but you will be free.  Free to put your purpose over profit, to make your life and other people’s lives better and make money along the way to ensure you can do it again and again.

“The Freedom Revolution is a business trend that is growing and becoming increasingly popular as more and more business people become aware and succeed at making their business a lifestyle.”

Penina Shepherd The Freedom Revolution

Do you want to know more? It’s hard to share this stuff in a blog but I’m going to be talking about The Freedom Revolution at these events and would love for you to come join the revolution!



The Freedom Revolution by Penina Shepherd went to number two bestseller on Amazon.co.uk as soon as it was launched in early July 2016.  The Freedom Revolution has been terrifically well received and has now become far more than just a book!  It’s a business movement and community. Get it HERE

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