Guide to moving to the UK coast

Some of the most inspiring and beautiful locations in the UK also happen to be the coastal ones. There’s something about the sight and sound of the sea that’s naturally therapeutic.

If you’re looking to raise a family, you might find that coastal areas are brimming with activities and distractions to keep everyone occupied. If you’re planning for retirement, the right stretch of coastline can provide exactly the seclusion you might be looking for. And here’s a nifty guide to moving to the UK coast.

Where to move to?

Different parts of the coastline will appeal to people of different dispositions. If you’re looking for a fun-filled seaside adventure, then Lincolnshire might appeal. There is a range of new-build homes in Skegness, making it an easy place to put down roots. On the other hand, you might be looking for something a little further from the beaten path – in which case a cottage in remote Devon might appeal.

Benefits of coastal living

It’s worth dwelling on the benefits of a coastal lifestyle. As we’ve mentioned, the smell, sound and sight of the sea provide their own reward. The right stretch of coastline might also provide an opportunity to develop the right health and fitness habits. You might go for timed sprints along a sandy beach – or you might look for a leisurely stroll along an inspiring series of clifftops.

Naturally, the coast is one of the best places to enjoy a sunrise – or a sunset. So, if you’re planning a move of this kind, you might seek to work this into your daily routine.


If you live near the right seaside resort, then you’ll never be short of things to do. Tourism hotspots tend to be constantly evolving – unless the appeal of the location is rooted in a certain historical or aesthetic appeal, in which case they’ll stay the same. In other words, there will always be something new to try, but those picturesque little seaside towns will tend to remain unblemished.

One thing to bear in mind is that tourist towns will become extremely busy during peak season. As such, it might be worth timing your summer breaks so that you’re away when the crowds are thickest. You can rent your home out to the tourists, and thereby recoup a little of the cash you’re spending on your holiday.

Rural living

Finally, we should mention what, for many, is a defining virtue of a seaside escape – it’s far, far away from built-up towns and cities. While you can enjoy the sea without compromising on convenience (and some major cities even come with wonderful harbours and beaches), it’s also possible to enjoy near-total seclusion, especially if you’re willing to locate to the north of Scotland, or the Hebrides.

Whether you’re looking for sand, cliffs, or towns, the UK is blessed with lots of coast, So, whatever coastal experience you’re looking for, there certainly is a lot to choose from not just limited to this guide to moving to the UK coast.

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