Horsham add a chocolate to their bow

Horsham Museum launches Horsham’s Chocolate

The ancient market town of Horsham has been well known for a range of different products throughout its lengthy history.

Amongst the list includes broomsticks, rabbits, chickens and gingerbread. 100 years ago the town was well known for its beer.

However, now, thanks to the passion of local artisan makers, Horsham is becoming known for its chocolate. To celebrate this 21st century fame Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum has launched Horsham’s Chocolate – a premium hand made chocolate that draws on the skill, craft and taste buds of the chocolatier Wimblehurst Chocolates.

This new visitor souvenir is the perfect gift for the modern day traveller as it is easy to carry and is strongly branded to the town, for they key image is the celebrated seal of Horsham used on documents spanning the centuries.

As for the chocolate, there is the classic milk chocolate flavour available as well as some other usual suspects, including the delicious raspberry, orange and mint, which perfectly compliment the luxurious melt in the mouth taste of the chocolate. 

This new venture is perfectly timed for Easter along with the town’s great visitor attraction Piazza Italia. It is also a modern day example of the museum working in partnership with Wimblehurst Chocolates to create a different souvenir for the visitor.

The Museum and Visitor Information Centre is open Monday-Saturday 10-5pm admission free. Please note that on Good Friday and Easter Monday the Museum is open 11-4pm