Lloyd Ellet: The best Brighton can get

Super-welterweight boxer Lloyd Ellett has notched up an impressive 20-1 record during his career and after bouncing back from his first professional defeat in October, the Lightning Bolt is ready for big things in 2016…

Who is Lloyd Ellett?
I’m a professional boxer from Brighton.

How did you get into boxing?
I first started from watching Rocky films and big fights on TV like Prince Naseem. I think the Nigel Benn v Chris Eubank rematch was the first fight I watched and I watched Tyson a lot around that time as well. So, I went with few of my mates after school to the local boxing gym and loved it and stuck at it ever since. None of my mates that I went with stuck at it!

Describe yourself in three words…
Dedicated, ambitious and motivated.

What do you hope to achieve in your career?
I want to be able to look back and have won some belts. I want to push on now and if I don’t look back and say that I’ve won the British title then I’ll be disappointed.


What would you have done if you weren’t a boxer?
I’ve got a degree in Sports and Exercise Science so it would probably be doing something to do with that and I’m a personal trainer as well. I played a bit of football when I was younger but definitely weren’t good enough to be a pro, also I’ve always been a good runner but only really could have made it in boxing.

You have a strong local support, what does that mean to you?
That means the world to me, really. The support I get in Brighton makes everything a lot easier, like not having to worry about ticket sales in the build-up to fights, which can be a worry, and on fight nights, the support spurs you on. It’s great to also have support from Juice FM and Title Sussex and all of the media are behind me as well, helping to add hype to the fights and spread the word.

What are your passions aside from work?
I’d definitely say food. Boxing is my number one passion though and really takes over everything. Outside of that I like football, and I’ve been supporting Brighton & Hove Albion since I was very young and I remember watching them at the old Goldstone ground and I still go to matches now at the Amex. Hopefully we can push on to the Premier League soon.

What is your most memorable fight?
As a pro, I’d probably say the first Faheem Khan fight, as it was my first title fight and my first one in Brighton. I put on a good performance and got the stoppage as well.

What are you most proud of?
Winning each of the three belts I’ve had in the pros.

Who are you three favourite boxers of all time?
It changes quite a lot because I’m always watching boxing so depends at the time. At the moment it’s Sugar Ray Leonard, Meldrick Taylor, and Marvin Hagler.


What inspires you?
I’d say being successful, winning belts, and proving people wrong.

If you were King of Sussex for a day you would…
I’d probably treat myself! I’d get all my mates together and go to the Amex and play a game of football on the pitch, then go to the Grand Hotel and take over the whole place!

Tell us one fact about yourself not many people know…
I’ve got a degree, not many people in boxing have one of those!

To hear more from Lloyd Ellet read his Title Sussex blog on www.titlesussex.co.uk or visit www.lloydellett.com

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