Stay elegant whilst traveling, with these four extravagant items

Stay elegant whilst traveling Title Sussex Magazine

Traveling can be a little bit of an effort at times. When you’re without sleep and on a dusty roadside awaiting a coming bus, you’re entitled to feel a little frayed and unglamorous.

Meanwhile, being out of your traveling comfort zone might not be the best position to be in if you’re looking to feel elegant and glamorous.

However, with the right suitcase, packed with the right travel essentials, you too can travel like a superstar – looking elegant, and packing extravagant items, to help make your trip memorable and stylish. Here’s how you’ll do it…

Sleep Aids

There’s nothing more important when you’re spending time abroad than being able to sleep a full night’s sleep. You’re already considerably more active your days out, and you don’t want to add on top of that fatigue a great deal of lost sleep. Also, rings under the eyes aren’t a great look if you’re hoping to appear elegant on your travels.

As such, this guide recommends you pack an eye mask, high-quality earplugs, and a round-neck pillow that you can use on planes and public transport. All glamorous experiences start with a good night’s sleep – something you can afford to give yourself while abroad. VeryWellHealth has great tips where sleep aids are concerned.

Get good sleep on holiday Title Sussex Magazine

Clothing and Accessories

This tip almost goes without saying, though it’s worth pointing out that your clothing should be as exquisitely elegant as it should be practical. To take things to extremes a little, this is no time to pack your ball gown into your backpack. The clothing you need to bring has to defy the fact that it’s been shoved into a suitcase before you put it on – and that means trying to avoid clothes the crease in transit. It also means buying clothes that you can wear in different styles or outfits throughout your trip.


Packing your bags for an elegant trip can sometimes mean that you overlook one of your prime accessories on your trip: the bags themselves. The most glamorous travelers are aware that it’s not necessarily what you pack; it’s how you pack that’ll make you look the part when you’re away on holiday. If you can find a vintage set of bags online – including a matching suitcase, handbag, and wash bag – you’re going to look the part, whatever you include inside them.

Travel Essentials

There are some absolutely essential items that you should take travelling which you can go up-market for when you buy them. Here’s a quick overview, which you can use this Cashlady tool to see if you can afford within your budget:

  • A smartphone with a great camera to take snaps abroad
  • A portable fan to help you keep cool in hot climates
  • A watch to accessorise yourself while you’re away
  • Small touches, like a handkerchief for your jacket, or a necklace to make you appear glamorous

These small tips, and others besides, will help you look excellent and extravagant while you’re traveling in the future.

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