A little summer holiday entertainment on the dark side? Check out Jack the Ripper…

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Running out of ideas for the summer holidays? Kids driving you mad? Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventures’ latest attraction Jack the Ripper: Walk of Terror! could be just what you need to keep them quiet for a bit!

Jack the Ripper. We’ve all heard glorified and exaggerated the legends surrounding the gruesome murders in 19th century London, but do you really know what happened to the victims? The Jack the Ripper legend has been veiled, vilified and vaunted by the media, making it impossible to tell fact from fiction now. But has ultimately given us an enduring horror legend and mystery that refuses to die.

Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventure in Brighton, Sussex has a tour that promises to bring you scares and screams in abundance at their new attraction, Jack the Ripper, Walk of Terror. Director Graham Owen has put together an authentic set which gives you one hell of a re-telling of the events of 1888.

Title’s Carly and Brad went along to check out just how scary this experience is…


When ‘Jack’ was at large, residents of Whitechapel were traumatised by the gruesome and terrifying murders in their community. 131 years later, the identity of the notorious serial killer is still unknown, with police no closer to identifying the culprit now than they were back then.

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The five known victims were all prostitutes – a popular occupation during poverty-stricken London – suggesting Jack the Ripper may have been driven by dark reasons for his premeditated murders. However, there is much speculation around how many victims there actually were, and even whether the five we know about were all killed by the same man.


A century and three decades later, the mystery is still murky, and the Jack the Ripper tour manages to encapsulate the mystery and terror, as well as providing an informative and spooky experience, emphasising the tragedy of the lives taken, rather than glorifying the murderer.

During the tour, you get a real feel for what life was actually like during this time. Weaving through the dark, smoky and claustrophobic streets of Victorian London is one thing, but you should be prepared to be terrified by actors who aren’t afraid to stir your emotions by getting hands-on during their emotional re-tellings of the Whitechapel murders.

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You really feel immersed in the scene, the sounds of screams and wailing accompanied by a shroud of darkness makes you feel like anything could appear around the corner at any moment. The experience really keeps you on your toes, but nothing can prepare you for the accurate portrayal of how The Ripper killed his victims.

Each representation of death is true to how the corpses were described in historical documents, designed to show the true horror and fear the people of Whitechapel felt at the time. 


Anyone who likes a scare! But this isn’t just about the spooks; this is educational and informative, and genuinely harrowing. The sights, smells and sounds alone are enough to impose an ever-growing feeling of dread on you.

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Coupled with the factual aspects of 19th century London and the crime scenes of Jack the Ripper, the audience is fully immersed in a realistic and horrifying situation.

This attraction is not for small kids, and we advise you to use your discretion, even for those old enough to attend (recommended for 16 up).

At £12.50 a ticket, the authentic handmade set ensures you get your money’s worth. This attraction is a must-see for all horror fans, particularly if you get your thrills from real-life scares!

Not recommended for children under 16. Jack the Ripper Walk of Terror attraction costs £12.50

Phileas Fogg’s World of Adventure, Sussex House, Crowhurst Road, Hollingbury Industrial Estate, Brighton BN1 8AF. Book online at www.phileasfoggsworldofadventures.co.uk