It’s ‘SWIM WITH YOUR DOG’ day at Saltdean Lido!

Oh my days, we are a bit overexcited about this (down girl!). For the first time ever there is going to be DOG SWIM DAY at Saltdean Lido! Yes, you read that right – you’ll be able to doggy-paddle alongside your furry bbf for one day only in the pools – whether you want to launch into the big pool for a full on swim or just paddle in the little pool with your pooch.

You’re allowed to bring soft toys for the dogs to throw into the water – or anywhere else, as long as you’re not a pain in the boofter with them. Each dog must have a responsible human with them to keep them on a lead and clear up any, er, mishaps outside of the water.

Can you imagine? Our heads are already full of images of canine wonder. The Saltdean Community Interest Company (CIC) have said very sternly that any aggressive behaviours will not be tolerated whether of the bork variety or human, and the organisers are taking advice on the issue of mini-human swimmers, but are currently going with the view that only adult humans will be allowed to swim (it’s too much to ask you to take responsibility for adult swimmers and littlies.) So basically, no kids. Sorry kids.

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Bring a picnic, bring dog dinners, bring good behaviour and you never know, there may be treats for the good boys and girls.

This wonderful doggy madness is on 7th October, and is a fundraiser for the Saltdean Community Interest Company – in other words the people that look after the pool and its interests – so not only can you swim with man’s best friend, you can also support the upkeep of this beautiful pool.

Initially they’re planning for a 2-5pm session. If that sells out (as the other lidos who do Dog Swim Days do), then they’ll add in a 10am-1pm session.

Admission will be by ticket only
Swimmers (of the 2 or 4 legged variety) will be £5, spectators will be £2

Saturday 7th October – 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.
Morning session:
Dog swimmer tickets
Human swimmer tickets

Spectator tickets:

Afternoon session:
Dog swimmer tickets
Human swimmer tickets
Spectator tickets:

Please bear in mind that every dog must be accompanied by an adult human (either swimmer or spectator). Children are welcome as spectators, but must be accompanied by a non-swimming adult.

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