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From Ashley Maddison to a rise in wearable technology, Amanda Horlington breaks down what is going up and down in the world of technology this month

Oh HitchBot,

How sorry I was to hear of your mid-hitch demise at the hands of heartless Philadelphian brutes. As robots go you had so much going for you; a chatty travel companion small enough to be endearing (nobody wants Forbidden Planet sized Robbie), you had an enviable joie de vivre (your bucket list was inspired) reliably chronicling your journey on social media in a series of GPS tagged photos (who doesn’t like robot selfies?)

Designed as a social experiment and relying on the kindness of strangers you hitched across Canada in 26 days and firmly established yourself in the hearts of us all. Less annoying than Dr who sidekick K9, and more eco than the Silent Running drones Huey and Dewey, you did what they could not; you travelled across America, visiting a Red Sox game, hanging loose with a heavy metal band and relaxing on a trip out to sea.

“We have no interest in pressing charges or finding the people” says the robot’s co-creator, of the vandals who instigated Hitchbot’s end, but its thousands of fans are inconsolable.

My microwave for one has taken the news very badly and is now threatening to hitch from Hove to Kemptown with an old Tom Tom and Dictaphone strapped to its casing in tribute. So, if you see a cream Morphy Richards with its thumb out, do treat it kindly.

smartwatch-828786_19201) The rise of wearable technology Up↑
Cyborg! You too will be wearing tech that helps you get fitter, tells your boss where you really are, or my favourite, the bikini that alerts you to possible sunburn.

Dash---LEGO-pen-attachment2) Dot and Dash, programming heroes Up↑-
Hot house your offspring to be savvy programmers with cute bot Dot and older brother Dash. Designed to sync with your tablet, a series of apps will teach five year olds, to teens and beyond.

3) Why Spotify is a snooze – Non Mover >
spotify_logo_cmyk_green1Got Spotify have ya? Dance in your kitchen do ya? Beating Slovack hip-hop into a cocked hat, Spotify’s fastest-growing music category is ‘sleep/relaxative’ with 2.8 sleep themed paylistzzzzzzzzz.

network-782707_12804) The Internet of Things – Down↓
Devices communicating with us, applications and each other have been around for a while. Now imagine your home monitoring your every move and a fridge that refuses you that second slice of cake, terrifying.

security-265130_12805) Ashley Maddison going down – Down↓
I was rather torn on this huge story as I’m often found banging on about online privacy but in this case, sorry, Karma’s a b*tch isn’t it?

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