Tech Five

From Facebook to Tinder and Poldark to Parklife, Amanda Horlington breaks down what’s going up and down in the world of technology

Image: Apple

1) SWOON! (Up↑)Poldark_generic-cut
What a delicious ascent towards peak Poldark. With less than five people left in the UK to tweet their affections for Aidan Turner who knows where the Twitter frenzy might go? @BritishVogue tweeted that the Poldark phenomena might sway your wardrobe choices – bring on the breeches and corsets. But let’s not forget the really important Twitter debate – why was the skinny dipping scene shot at long range and why only 20 seconds long?

2) Parklife (Up↑)Phone-MyMixes_Screen_300dpi-cut
The sun is out and the park is teeming with unpredictable dog walkers and scooter riding toddlers. Neither group seem to have the ability to psychically sense I am running behind them and equipping them with radar doesn’t seem an option.

In part I could blame the RockmyRun app for some near misses. Great for motivation, it arranges music mixes by tempo so they sync with your running pace or heartbeat.

3) Tinder hooks up with Instagram (Up↑)Tinder-Match-smaller
Tinder’s booty-call rep stems from the ‘hot or not’ principle; swipe left for ‘ewww no’ or right for ‘yes please’ however Tinder engagements and marriages are very much on the up.

Tinder itself is now in a meaningful relationship with Instagram and has introduced an opt-in where users can look at the last 34 last pictures from someone’s Instagram account.

4) Apple Watch Running Late (Non-mover−)
Filed under the banner of 1st World Problems it seems such is the demand for the Apple Watch that there may be rioting once pre-ordering online customers find themselves waiting whilst the Johnny-come-latelys simply stroll into the store and get theirs first. Ruddy outrage!

Supply chain issues, bad planning and Apple’s retail chief have all received flack for product shortages but early reports question whether it lives up to the original hype.

FB-fLogo-Blue-printpackaging-smaller5) Naughty Facebook (Down↓)
Facebook is sitting on the naughty step after news that it’s been flouting EU law by tracking the online behaviour of “People without Facebook accounts, logged out users and users opted out of tracking”.

Allegedly Facebook has been hovering up great wads of data about us and the European Commission is proper annoyed.

Leave Facebook or the US security services will know everything, they warned. Facebook sulked for a bit but then carried on sending worrying-sounding drones into space in order to connect two-thirds of the planet to the internet.


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