The Great Ballard Comic Relief Bake Off

Great children, Great opportunities, Great Ballard

Photo by Graham Franks

Pupils at Great Ballard School raised £95.85 for Comic Relief on Friday 13th and had great fun taking part in the Great Ballard Bake Off! 

All children were involved taking part or supporting their friends in making cakes and decorating them in teams. Ingredients were weighed, mixtures beaten, icing rolled out and cup cake decorations with butter icing, butterflies and red noses created.

They also got an unexpected science lesson as they learned about “raising agents” and CO2 whilst watching cakes rise in the ovens. From Reception to Form 8, the excitement of cake making was combined with maths, science, art, team building skills and importantly raising money!

Richard Morgan, headmaster, said: “Everyone enjoyed the day of education, fund raising, having fun and being able to take part in helping others throughout the world ”.

All pupils wore red for the day, as did the staff – and it wasn’t just the children seen with the Red Noses! The office also entered into the spirit of the day with a complete set of this year’s Red Noses having been collected and swapped over recent days and thanks go to Chartwells for staging the event and sharing their enthusiasm of baking with the children. 

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