The perfumes of Eden

Eden Perfumes Manager Jacky Moya sits down with Title to talk about the benefits of a natural perfume

How did you get into the perfume industry?
My father’s family has been working in the perfumes, olive oil and wine industry all their lives. We have a small family farm in Castilla la Mancha, Spain. My grandfather made his own wine, olive oil and perfume using traditional techniques since 1950.

I‘ve been learning to make perfumes since I was a child. I’m also an environmentalist and I have always wanted to bring the family business over here, so in 2014 I decided to give it a different name and change the aesthetics to be more according with the current fashion.

What is the idea behind EDEN?
As an environmental scientist (BSc Degree at Brighton University) I am highly concerned by all environmental issues. Environmentalists are the doctors of the world and as a perfumer I believe you don’t have to compromise on glamour or quality to have green and ethical perfumes.

High Street perfumes are often expensive and full of additives like phthalates. Most high street perfumes are manufactured in underdeveloped countries such as India or Bangladesh using child labour and animal oils to produce their perfumes.

At Eden we use organic and vegan natural essential oils, we then blend them and create fragrances that smell like designer perfumes. Eden Perfumes makes cruelty-free, natural, vegan and affordable perfumes for everyone that are consciously crafted with respect to the planet and all beings.

Eden-[]Tell us about the ethical aspect of the business?
I believe you can be ethically glamorous. It is not fashionable to torture animals to produce cosmetics and perfumes. We respect the earth; our bottles are refillable meaning you can use them again and again.

The vegetable musk we use in all our perfumes is derived from fermentation of Aubergines, then we add sandalwood and vanilla extract as natural fixatives. As a vegan shop Eden supports many of the vegan campaigns helping to raise awareness of the positives of a vegan lifestyle. We also support different animal charities around the UK whenever we can, such as ‘Protect a Pup’ ( and ‘The Anti Badger Cull’ in Hastings. It’s a pleasure to do this.

What are you goals for the future with Eden?
We only want to help to make a better world. We would like to change the habits and make people more aware of what they are spraying on their skin and believe our refilling system will help promote recycling in the perfume industry. Our prices will also help people to afford perfume on a day-to-day basis.

Why should people buy Eden?
It’s a natural and healthier option to your designer fragrance at an affordable price, plus it’s animal cruelty free. Crucially, we use refillable bottles that are recycled. Every time you refill you pay less and in each refill you can have a different fragrance.

Not to mention our perfumes are very high quality. All our fragrances are made with 15% perfume and are all Eau de Parfum for men and women. You can also create your own bespoke cocktail fragrances for the same price. Our perfumes are affordable because we don’t spend money on fancy packaging and millionaire campaigns.

What kind of woman buys Eden?
Usually educated young women that are concerned about their health and pocket. We’ve recently seen lots of ladies discovering Eden.

What’s the sexiest scent in the store?
Our perfume No 405. Its ingredients include blackcurrant, pear, iris, jasmine, orange blossom, Patchouli, Tonka bean, vanilla and raw chocolate, with similar notes to La vie est Belle Lancome.

What’s good to wear for a day or night out?
Daytime: No 15, which has similar notes to J’adore
Nighttime: No 83, which has similar notes to Chanel Mademoiselle

cutEden-[14.09What’s the first thing you tell people when they choose their scent?
‘Tell me what your favourite perfume is?’ With the answer I will know what sort of perfume you like. Very simple!

General information
Name: Jacky Moya
Age: 28
Company Position: Manager


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