The State vs John Hayes

"I would do anything for someone I loved"

Huntsville prison, Texas, 1959; Elyese Dukie is on Death Row for murdering her husband and her lover. Tomorrow she goes to court for the last time.

But tonight Elyese reveals the one thing she won’t tell the court or the string of psychiatrists sent to diagnose her: that she is not alone in her cell… John Hayes is in there with her.

Psychopath or seductress? Murderer or manipulator? Psychiatric hospital or the electric chair? What does she deserve?

A striking one-act, psychological thriller laced with dark humour. Based on extensive research into real-life female killers. Get front row seats for this death row drama.

The State vs John Hayes, written and performed by Lucy Roslyn. We will be doing four performances at the beginning of May at the Otherplace in their main space.

★★★★★ “Lucy Roslyn is utterly compelling… magnificent.” 

★★★★★ “A compelling, twisted drama that I wished would never end.”  Salford Online

★★★★★ “This harrowing script is further haunted by actress Lucy Roslyn’s total embodiment of the character.” Broadway Baby

★★★★★ “I do have one criticism and that is that I didn’t want it to end.” Remote Goat