Try something different for Mother’s Day in Sussex

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you might be starting to think of nice things you can do for your mum this year. Finding the right gift or sending flowers is always a nice touch, but it’s a good bet nine out of 10 mums would prefer to spend some time with their kids (particularly out and about as the weather’s just starting to get a bit nicer). To that point, we’ve put together a mixed list of different places you might want to take your mother to eat on or around 11 March.

Rushfields Plant Centre, Brighton

There’s just something pleasant about plant centre cafés, and though we wouldn’t want to generalise too much, it feels safe to say most mums adore this kind of atmosphere. This particular option in Brighton is about as pleasant as it gets, with a big open-air café, seating on the terrace on nicer days, and a menu featuring breakfast, lunch, pastries, and teas. It’s a more casual option in terms of the menu and pricing, but it’s a delightful place to enjoy a bite with your mum. If she happens to like plants or gardening, you might even walk through the plant centre with her before or after to pick out one or two gifts!

The Beach Deck, Eastbourne

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Beach Deck Eastbourne © Facebook

The Beach Deck just sounds like a pleasant place for a Mother’s Day date, doesn’t it? Known for both its brunch menu and its fresh seafood, it’s been called one of the few restaurants where you can truly relax whilst enjoying delicious dishes. That might be a little bit of a stretch, but if you check the place out you’ll see the point of the statement. With seating right over the Eastbourne seafront and a very tasty menu, it offers a perfect combination of dining and atmosphere, without being particularly fancy or even too expensive. It’s not necessarily as nice if the weather isn’t welcoming, but keep it on your list in case things are looking pleasant as we get closer to Mother’s Day.

Walkabout Brighton, Brighton

It’s a far more casual spot, but actually a delightful, open pub with bar food and a nice drink selection. This is really an idea for 10 March if your mother happens to be a Brighton supporter, because the club plays at Everton the day before Mother’s Day and it’s a fun place to catch the match. There may actually be quite a big spotlight on the match. As even a mainstream betting guide notes, people can delve into the more obscure markets once outright matches or league favourites become less interesting. That means all eyes may be turning to the fight to avoid relegation around early March, and unfortunately Brighton is involved in that fight. So again, if mum is a football fan, this is a nice chance to enjoy what could be a consequential match at a fun establishment.

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The Ambrette, Rye

The Ambrette in Rye was actually identified as one of the best foodie experiences in Sussex, which is saying something. Based on fresh local ingredients, many of which are foraged, it combines area seafood with chef Dev Biswal’s Indian-style preparations. It’s a cute little restaurant just off the High Street, open for lunch as well as dinner and offering an award-winning menu. If you’re just looking for great food, or perhaps an interesting local place you may not have tried before, The Ambrette is a wonderful option.

Cucinetta, Worthing

This is a charming bistro that makes for another nicer lunch (or dinner) option. Located just a short distance inland from the Worthing Piers, it’s a popular spot known in particular for an excellent wine selection and some decadent desserts. The atmosphere is nice – somewhat unassuming but intimate and cozy – but in this case you’re really going or the food and drinks. Plus, on a nice day, you can head out for a walk along the coast before or after you eat.