Adjusting to life back at school

You’ve had all those glorious weeks of holidays, having some family time and giving the children the chance to relax after a long and hard summer term. But soon this good feeling can begin to deteriorate at the start of a new school year.

Starting school or going back after a long summer break can be quite stressful for young children and can often lead to high levels of anxiety for both them and parents alike.

I know when my own children start back, that there are many concerns that run through my mind; how they will settle back in? Will they like their new teacher? Will they connect with the same friends?

So what kind of things can help with this transition?

Take some time to chat about school, it’s always good to talk and chatting over what is happening at school, however trivial, can really help children to express themselves and give parents a chance to figure out any issues that might be arising at the beginning of a new term.

Arrange some play-dates to help with that re-connection with friends can really help settle a child who is either starting for the first time at school, has moved class or has had their class re-arranged. Meeting up outside of school to play and interact can really help to solidify friendships and gives children a sense of familiarity when they get back to school.Β 


Try and focus on positive aspects of their day; it might be just what they had for lunch or an activity they did in class or the playground, but focusing on the positive moments of a child’s day will really help to make school appealing.

They aren’t alone; try and reassure them they aren’t the only ones feeling nervous, most parents are too!

School should be a special time for children, where they really start to learn about themselves and the world around them, and by just following a few of these steps can make some of those school days a little bit more bearable.

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