Angel House Opens

Beautifully restored 1820s period townhouse launches as exclusive seafront venue in Brighton

Credit Darren Cool -

After four years of hard work, steep learning curves and more love than any sane person should have for an inanimate object, Angel House finally made its debut.

This stunning town house started life in 1825 as one of the first properties on the Brunswick Estate. Back in the day, it’s thought it was probably used as a show home, to entice London bourgeoisie down to Brighton.

Like many such properties, it’s been subjected to general neglect and considerable alterations; at one stage rudely divided into nine bedsits.

Restoring it to its original grandeur involved not only some serious structural work but a massive leap of faith by the current owner, Phill Haiselden.

In the process all manner of hidden delights were uncovered; genuine Regency double glazing, sash shutters, parquet flooring, original fireplaces. All features that really add to the sense of occasion the house infects you with.

violinist-and-more-angel-housecut-with-whiteAt this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival further Regency goings-on can be enjoyed at Angel House when it opens its doors to the curious for a series of Regency-themed dance evenings.

The venue is available for exclusive use or room hire only, and can accommodate up to 80 guests. Licensed for weddings, alcohol sales and live entertainment, it also boasts state of the art technical facilities.