‘Appy talk

Festivals season is here (yay!) and if you’re one of thousands of music fans flocking to venues across the UK we’ve got some essential apps that’ll help you get the most from the music events whether you’re a crusty veteran or a shiny newbie.



Your Festival App
A quick Google search will tell you if the festival you’re attending has a dedicated app. Whilst many are of these are advert heavy they are however great for live updates, so don’t miss out if performances are delayed, rescheduled or moved to a different stage at the last minute.





Songkick Concerts
With an ever increasing number of festivals to choose from, Songkick Concerts can help you pick the ones you might enjoy the most by scanning your music library. It then recommends concerts and festivals and also allows you to check out the full line-up and venue maps.






In my book Shazam is nothing less than a miracle app; if you hear a track you like but don’t know its name Shazam has it covered. Just hit the button and it listens for a few seconds, then compares the sound to a massive database of music and sends you the track info, genius.






Festival Ready
An all-in-one music festival multi-tool, this app is a must. It’s got tons of great features: a checklist for packing, weather updates, emergency medical advice and a geotagging feature that helps you keep track of your tent and the whereabouts of your friends.




Battery Doctor
Mobile battery life is precious at festivals so if you don’t fancy queuing at a charging station, if there is one, Battery Doctor will shut down background apps, unused functions and dim the screen to significantly improve your battery life and boost performance.


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