Bill’s: the new vegan hot spot?

Bill's beetroot steak and fries veganuary menu

‘Veganuary’ has been and gone once more, which for those who don’t know is the vegan equivalent of ‘Dry January.’ It’s a resolution people make to challenge themselves to go vegan for the month, and maybe set themselves up to change their diet to vegan forever.

So what better way to start the year than to sample Bill’s’ new Veganuary menu?! Two of us went to the Brighton restaurant at the start of Veganuary to speak to founder Bill Collison about his plans for the restaurant in terms of veganism and try out the new dishes.

We were happily surprised to see a wide range of vegan dishes on the menu. From meat substitutes to vegetable dishes, there was something for everyone. And while some of these dishes were exclusive to January, the amazing news is Bill’s have an array of vegan dishes that last all year round!

We’ve listed our meal below, and we’ve made sure to let you know which dishes are part of their long-term menu. We’ve offered you some fabulous alternatives to the Veganuary-exclusive dishes, too. As well as a deliciously inclusive menu, we were astounded by the incredible service, the delicate presentation and the overall vibe of the restaurant. It’s absolutely on our list of our favourite dining experiences.


Miso Aubergine Fritters, £5.95

Okay, wow. These were a beautiful blend of textures with the battered aubergine and nuts, complemented with the most amazing hot sauce. 8/10

As this dish was exclusive to their Veganuary menu, we recommend having the Creamy Mushrooms on Garlic Focaccia, at £6.50.

Bill's miso aubergine fritters veganuary menu

Candy-striped beetroot, kale and red onion hummus on toasted sourdough, £6.25

*available year-round*

Fabulous presentation (we loved the candy-striped beetroot!) with a wonderful mix of flavours. 8/10

Bill's candy striped beetroot salad veganuary menu


Spiced cauliflower and butternut squash falafel – £11.50

*available year-round*

The spicy cauliflower couscous was so moreish, we couldn’t get enough. Complemented with a turmeric and mint soy yoghurt, this main was the perfect salad for filling up but not being so fill that you can’t move!

Bill's spiced cauliflower and butternut squash falafel veganuary menu

Bill’s beetroot steak, £12.95

Okay, this was something else. We were completely unsure what to expect with the ‘steak’; was it going to be a cooked beetroot? No, it looked exactly like a steak, and the texture wasn’t far off! It was really interesting and like nothing we’ve tasted before. The fries were incredible too. 9/10

As this dish was exclusive to their Veganuary menu, we recommend having the Carrot, Cashew Nut and Mushroom Wellington, at £11.95. 

Bill's beetroot steak and fries veganuary menu


Sticky chocolate pudding, £6.50

Wow. This was exquisite, we literally couldn’t get enough. The chocolate pudding was so moist, it melted in your mouth, and the vegan ice cream was honestly amazing. We were expecting a typical sorbet-type scoop, but we couldn’t taste the difference from a dairy ice cream. Everything about this dish was just incredible. 11/10

As this dish was exclusive to their Veganuary menu, we recommend having Bill’s Vegan Ice Cream and Sorbet, at £4.95.

Bill's sticky chocolate pudding veganuary menu


We really cannot recommend Bill’s enough for their vegan menu. The presentation of all courses was immaculate, and each dish was created with such obvious care. We loved the range of foods – sometimes it can be so hard to get it right when it comes to branching out into different menus, but Bill’s had it spot on.

With the fabulous service and cosy atmosphere, we will definitely be coming here again! Even as a non-vegan, I would happily choose these dishes over their normal menu. It’s really incredible what you can do with vegetables and culinary talent.

You can browse their menu HERE.

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