The only way to start the day – breakfast at the Ivy

The Ivy breakfast review on Title Sussex Magazine

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”

“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh.

I’ve got a bit of a thing about breakfast. In fact I’m halfway through writing some kind of book on the subject, so when the Ivy asked us if we wanted to come and review, it seemed like breakfast should be a natural choice.

Plus we also figured all our competitors would go for an expensive boozy dinners to review, and we like to be different.

So with that in mind, Gemma and I rolled out of bed and sashayed along to the new Ivy in the Lanes in Brighton, resplendent in pyjamas and dressing gowns and with our teddies. After all, what else should one eat breakfast in?

Gemma and Sam HL having breakfast at The Ivy - Title Sussex Magazine

The Ivy didn’t bat an eyelid, as one would expect from an establishment of such calibre, and without missing a beat, whisked us to a gorgeous booth and took our orders. We were very ably looked after by Dimitris, who was very sweet and allowed the bear to help.

Dimitris at The Ivy - Title Sussex Magazine

Everyone should have Dimitris look after them for breakfast

I’m very much the sort of breakfaster who shuns the sweet stuff and heads straight for the farmyard. I want eggs, more than anything else, and I really like high welfare, quality meats. Tomatoes and mushrooms are acceptable – baked beans are vital. So when I have breakfast there is nothing for it except a full English. Full marks to the Ivy for this – it’s a lovely plate of piggy, eggy wonder.

Full English at The Ivy - Title Sussex Magazine

Full English – the farmyard version

Gemma is perhaps less carnivorous (greedy) than me, and had the non-meat version, but no sweaty stick or bricks of unmeat here – the vegetarian option is crammed with fat wedges of halloumi, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and avocados, topped with glistening hollandaise sauce.

Vegetarian full English at The Ivy - Title Sussex Magazine

Full English – the cheesy version

You’d be amazed how much we both ate.

By which I mean having ordered the Englishes, we were brought a dazzling little array of pastries which were flaky and the right sort of crispy and just a little warm, and a selection of preserves and teas. So obviously we ate those, because why wouldn’t you eat such a delicious thing?

We tried a few drinks too – I’d definitely have the Strawberries & Cream Soda cooler again, but would swerve the Beet It juice, which was just too, well, beetrooty. We did like the Mixed Berry Smoothie, but the Green Juice was a bit, well, green. What you choose off the breakfast drinks menu will very much depend on how dedicated you are to your veggies.

Finally after the Englishes, we felt it was our duty to order something sweet (just for your info, dear reader), so in the name of commitment and integrity we shared a stack of pancakes. Actually I would have those again like a shot. I don’t dig sweet, but the fruity goo that goes over them really isn’t that sugary. I was impressed, because it would have been tempting to just make that tooth-rottingly sweet. We had a game attempt but couldn’t quite finish them.

Stack of pancakes at The Ivy - Title Sussex Magazine we were there, there was a pleasing steady buzz of customers and a gentle feel to the place; very different from an evening experience, and no waiting for tables. It was light and airy with the doors open and a sunny day outside. All in all a very relaxing and slightly decadent way to start the day.

Breakfast at the Ivy – menus HERE
Full English (meaty) – £13.50
Full English (vegetarian) – £12.50
Juices and coolers – around £4-6
Stack of hot buttermilk pancakes – £8.95
Tea/coffee from – £3.75

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