Brighton’s Upside Down House lights up for Christmas

Upside Down House Brighton Lights Ready to press the plunger to light the upside down house, Widow Twankey from Aladdin and Jason Burrill assisted by Simon Haffenden from BA i360, Rosie Molloy and Tracey Starr from The Starr Trust, Saskia and Jack from The Upside Down House and Benny the dog

The Upside Down House lights have been switched on for Christmas.

Brighton seafront’s Upside Down House has officially entered Christmas mode, hosting a festive evening on Monday 6 December that involved the switching on of the lights with accompanying entertainment.

Who, what, and where?!

The Starr Trust Choir sang Christmas carols, getting everyone in the mood for the festive period. Meanwhile, local celebrity Jason Burrill turned on the lights with Widow Twankie, from Brighton’s Family Panto Aladdin. Also in attendance were 15 children from the Apollo Theatre Arts, performing a number of songs from their upcoming show Annie.

The Upside Down House team – including Benny the dog – provided a tour of the attraction to guests and performers. To top off the evening, British Airways i360 opened their event suite to everyone in attendance, serving up warm drinks and mince pies.

The verdict…

Rob Starr, Founder and Chairman of the Starr Trust, said “We are really touched by the kind ongoing support from Upside Down House Brighton, who this year will be donating 5% of all their ticket sales during December to the Starr Trust. BAi360 are also kindly supporting us by showing our new charity film on the pod and collecting donations on their Santa Flights. I can’t thank these two businesses enough”.

Tom Dirse, CEO of the Upside Down House UK, explained “I come from a place similar to the children and young adults that the Starr Trust supports. I was motivated by a course I did with The Prince’s Trust, so I know how beneficial a charity like the Starr Trust is to young people who struggle with getting into work and who need guidance. After finding out how the Starr Trust works with young people, it was a natural transition to get involved.”

Jason Burrill, Actor and Big Brother Winner said “It’s been an honour working with the Starr Trust recently…It’s incredible that for nearly 14 years they have been helping young people overcome all types of life roadblocks and personal circumstances that could stop them pursuing their dreams. To date they have supported over 4000 young people and this number is still growing which is amazing. Every single penny raised goes to help and support any obstacle they may come across and I look forward to being involved with the wonderful The Starr Trust charity in the future.”

Photos by Graham Franks

Upside Down House

Rob Starr from The Starr Trust, Nicholas Taylor and Jason Burrill

4096 Upside Down House lights on

And the lights come on!

4101 Outside the Upside Down House

Lots of waves celebrating the lights on the Upside Down House

4106 Hanging upside down

An Upside Down Christmas for Jason Burrill and Nicholas Taylor

4110 Upside Down House

An Upside Down Christmas for Widow Twankey from Aladdin

4114 Floating at the Upside Down House

Widow Twankey from Aladdin fell out of bed?

4119 Christmas in the Upside Down House

Jason Burrill trying to get into bed!

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