Brilliant Bronzing

Summer’s in the air and it’s time to flaunt your sun-kissed skin. Sun worshipper or a cheeky faker? Sam Harrington-Lowe offers some tips and tricks


Pick the right colour
Sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong. It’s like hair dye. You might think a deep brown colour would suit you down to a T, but the colour in a bottle is very different to what’s going to come out on your skin. Think about the colour you go when you get a natural tan and aim for that.

If you don’t properly prepare your skin for application you’ll end up with streaks and patches all over you. Exfoliate, shave and moisturise beforehand, paying special attention to your elbows and knees. Let it all sink in before slapping on the tan.

Line those edges
Applying Vaseline to places such as your lips, hairline and eyebrows will prevent the colour from seeping in and give you a more natural look.

Glove up!
Obvious, right? Gloves come in all packs of tanning applications – don’t forget they’re there!

Wear something old and loose
Stop your clothes getting a tan too. Orange patching on your best dress does not qualify for cutting edge fashion.

Clarins-Radiance-Plus-Golden-Glow-Booster-for-Body-(3)Finally, blow dry
This will speed up the process of drying your tan. While you’re waiting (about 20 minutes after application), give it a buff with a mitt or flannel to even out the tone.

Sunkissed Instant Tanning Gel £4.99
Wash off formula for quick fix colour boost rather than a fake tan.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body £26
Mix with your favourite moisturiser for an even tone.


Benefit-bronzerFor that lift of colour as you walk out the door, you can’t beat a brush-on.

Benefit Hoola £23.50
Best-selling bronzing powder. It’s a soft matte, suitable for all skin tones.

Clinique Sculptionary Pallet in Nude £28
For a bit of glam shimmer and contouring colour.


Pick your moment
Don’t spend all day in the sun. You’ll just get dehydrated and burnt, particularly in really hot weather. Try and avoid sunbathing from midday to 4pm, when the sun is at its strongest.

Don’t underestimate nature
The sun in the breeze can cause equal damage. Those rays are still hitting your skin.

Protect yourself
Yes, that means really good sunscreens, but also use your common sense. Wear a hat. Cover places you can’t see such as your back, shoulders and the tips of your ears.

Don’t fall asleep in the sun
It’s easily done. Try not to!

PizBuin-150ml-Instant-Glow-30SPFStay hydrated
Take breaks in the shade or a dip in the pool to keep your temperature down. But most importantly, stay hydrated. Beer and wine don’t count. Sorry.

Piz Buin Instant Glow Sun Spray SPF30 £16.99
We like that it’s a spray, and this one has a subtle shimmer.

Marks & Spencer SUN SMART Sensitive Moisture Protect Sun Lotion SPF 30 £9.50
Ideal for sensitive skin.



There’s nothing sexier than smooth legs, so we’ve been looking at ways to get the best results for your pins…

The Legology treatment at the Treatment Rooms in Brighton is a great place to start. Enjoy a stimulating body brushing followed by hot and cold stone massage to create improved lymph flow and cellulite reduction.

The treatment uses the famous Air-Lite Leg Cream, developed by beauty journalist Kate Shapland. Ingredients include caffeine and lemon peel extract to promote energy and wellbeing. We’d recommend having a pedicure afterwards to really kick those summer legs into shape.

Legology-155 minutes £75




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