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I love it when I find a world class, exclusive treatment that actually works, and it’s right on my doorstep.

Those of you who enjoy seeking out scientific beauty and anti-ageing treatments need to try the Endosphères facial and body treatments at Clinic 55° in Hove.

If you haven’t heard about Endosphères before, don’t worry, neither had I. And that’s probably because Clinic 55° in Hove is the only place to have the treatment machines in the Sussex area.

I was recently invited along to the clinic to try out this treatment, and managed to baggsie a facial at the same time, so I can tell you all about it. I was extremely well looked after by my therapist, and I spent an absolutely lovely afternoon there. Let’s start with the Endosphères body treatment.

What is it?

At first glance it looks like a crazy wand full of balls (or for those of you with questionable mindsets, possibly some kind of very technical sex toy). Actually, if you see a crazy wand full of balls, you’re pretty much on the money. But these balls rotate at an adjustable rate to give you a gentle – or thorough – rolling massage that can reach your hypodermis. For those at the back, that means your fatty layer.

Before starting the treatment you’re oiled up a bit to help the wand glide smoothly, and then the wand is applied to your skin in sweeping strokes, heading always towards the heart, as in massage.

The intensity of the rolling is up to you. I liked to really feel it in my muscles and skin – and apparently gym bunnies and athletes come in and really like to ‘go for it’ on the intensity, as it helps unknot their muscles. But it’s easily adjustable and I found it very relaxing.

Endospheres machine at Clinic 55 Hove article review Title Sussex Magazine

What does it do?

There’s a huge list of benefits for the Endosphères machine, from smoothing fatty areas and cellulite, to improving circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, and helping with fluid retention, as well as just working on the muscles to break down tension. It’s also great for your butt! That’s on the body. If you have the treatments as part of a facial, it accelerates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

As with many of these things, it works best if you have a course of treatments, but I can honestly say that I could see and feel a difference after just one. I sit at my desk a lot and sometimes my lower legs can feel a bit heavy with fluid retention. That was gone. The overall look and tone of my skin felt better. And frankly, there’s nothing quite like being made to lie down for a while and just think about nothing to help calm the mind anyway. I’m a fan, definitely.

What else did you do?

I had a facial! The first one since lockdown – and it was heaven! Those of you who know me know how much I love spa treatments, and this was a cracker. I had a Hydra Lifting Facial, and I can’t remember the last time my skin felt so soft. Lockdown and central heating are not good for the face.

Hannah has brilliant hands. You know how sometimes you have a facial and it’s not quite right? Or the therapist doesn’t feel confident or whatever? There’s none of this – Hannah is a star, and has just the right pressure and touch. Lots of facial massage was included during the treatment, as well as a neck and shoulder massage whilst I had the mask on. I floated out of the treatment room.

And then went home?

No – and then went in for some intensive light therapy on the Dermalux LED machine! Another very techy machine, with a range of different light therapies. If you’ve read this far I’m going to guess you’re the sort of person who knows about this kind of thing, if not, click on the link to read – but there’s light colours for anti-ageing, for scarring, acne – all sorts.

I chose light for anti-ageing, give the old chops a lift. Even with two pairs of goggles it’s extraordinarily bright. But I whiled away a happy 15-20 minutes under the light machine, feeling warm and relaxed, and I came out of the afternoon feeling very different from when I went in.

Anything else to tell us?

Clinic 55° offers a range of other treatments too, such as massage, injectables (only ever delivered by doctors), laser hair removal, and even aesthetic gynaecology. It’s a lovely little salon tucked away in an upmarket area of Hove, discreet but still stylish and quite fun.

The team there are really warm and friendly, and you’ll never feel awkward there. I floated out after my afternoon trialling various treatments and I’ll definitely be going back. I fancy a bit more butt-lifting!

For more details and pricing, check out their website.

Clinic 55 review on Title Sussex Magazine

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