An afternoon with Rush Hair

Stuck on what to do with your hair? I was too. Rush Hair sorted me out for the summer!

I have always had a lot of hair. In fact, my hairdresser back at home usually greets me with rolling eyes and a sigh, knowing it’s going to be a long day. Nevertheless, why I should miss out on one of life’s many luxuries? So, I headed into Brighton to find the Rush Hair Salon, for a full head of colour.

My hairy pastย 

When I was little, my hair was blonde. Really blonde. It was around 8 or 9 that it started growing darker and darker until I was a full-blown brunette (with a few dodgy in-between stages first). I have always liked having dark hair but I have to say I’d grown bored. To me, it looked a little bit lifeless, nothing special.

When I was sixteen, my mum box dyed my hair. But in an attempt to get me back to the golden blonde I once was, she turned my mousy locks to orange. On my birthday nonetheless. She’s never lived that one down I promise. Thank god, over time it grew out and I was back to my browny-blondie mess.

Luckily, a few months ago, Rush Salon was relocated to Duke Street. I was privileged enough to receive an invitation to pay a visit and to say I was eager would be an understatement.

A lovely location

To start, there are a few reasons why the new location is great. The first being that it’s a really quiet spot. I hate trying to relax when there’s the sound of bustling people, and cars honking, it’s all too much. Luckily, this was not the case at all. A bit of a relief because Brighton can be a pretty hectic place.

Although it’s nice and peaceful, it’s not hidden away. It was super easy to find, right off the main street up to Churchill. It would be easy to walk up to Churchill shopping centre and get some outfits to go with your hair if you really wanted to go all out. The salon is also surrounded by local cafes and restaurants so if you want to grab a bite before a long appointment, that’s easy to do.

Right, let’s talk about the salon itself.

Wonderful company

When I got to the salon, I was greeted by a friendly team who made me feel comfortable and welcome. They took my jacket and offered me refreshments, I will confidently tell you the service is 10/10. I felt looked after, and to be honest it was a really fun and bubbly bunch.

A couple of years ago I got half a head of highlights (at a different salon) but because I have so much hair, the colour got a bit lost

I went in to get a full head of highlights, which is new for me. A couple of years ago I got half a head of highlights (at a different salon) but I found because I have so much hair, the colour got a bit lost, so I thought why not branch out. The lovely staff gave me the confidence to take the plunge, and I’m glad I did.ย 

Thick hair like mine can be such a pain to take care of and I find it’s so easy to just give up and let it get damaged. I spoke to my hairdresser about this, and he walked me through all the best products to use. He even went into depth about the science behind drug-store shampoos. They really know their stuff!

I sat down in my seat, popped my gown on, and let them work their magic. It was actually really therapeutic, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves getting pampered once in a while.

The salon itself is super bright and vibrant. The new location means itโ€™s a quiet and relaxing place to be, and it was very clean too. I loved sitting and talking to my hairdresser who was really helpful and willingly answered my many questions (annoying of me I’m sure). My appointment took around three hours, which was nothing more than usual, and he graciously talked me through the process as he applied things to my hair.

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The results

The final result! As you can see, I left the salon looking a lot healthier and fresher than when i walked in. The colours blend naturally into my hair, and for the first time in a long time, it felt soft and silky to the touch.

Get yourselves down to Rush Salon for your next hair appointment.

They offer a huge variety of services to choose from, and you can look through all of these easily on the website. The booking system is really simple to use, and if you are struggling, there is a lovely receptionist on the other side of the phone ready to take your call.

Full head of highlights from ยฃ107
Rush Hair Salon Brighton