Coppa Club: Brighton’s new ‘place to be’?

Looking for somewhere new to spend your money? The fabulous Coppa Club is top of our list.

Introducing its seventh club in the UK, Coppa Club has opened its doors in Brighton’s South Lanes, and it comes as a breath of fresh air.

Opening just in time for the autumn and winter months, it could not be more fitting. The colour scheme and decor is just lovely; red and orange hues with the perfect amount of accessorising and space to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

“It’s very inclusive.”

The club benefits from a large venue that has made the most of its space. I was pleasantly surprised at the layout of the restaurant. It’s cosy and comfortable while giving each table enough space to enjoy a private meal. The table sizes cater for everyone, from couples to large families or groups; it’s very inclusive.

There’s also a variety of spaces to suit different guests’ needs, including a lounge, a bar, and an open log fire. Faced with some controversy over the temporary closing of the square, the Coppa Club has now unveiled the year-round alfresco dining area in the square which incorporates the iconic dolphin statue, making it genuinely feel like you’re wining and dining abroad.

With the modest but rich feeling decor and the ambient lighting, you could be forgiven for thinking you may have to pay an arm and a leg for a meal here. But the menu is affordable and reasonably-priced for the service, food and atmosphere you’d be soaking up. This incorporates the Coppa Club’s aim of creating a space where the local community can transition from work to play and every occasion in between.

“You can genuinely taste the care that’s gone into making each plate…”

And the food! The food is just phenomenal. With a menu ranging from canapΓ©s to grilled mains and sourdough pizzas, there is something for everyone. The brownie is to die for, and I cannot recommend the gnocchi enough. When eating the range of foods available, you can genuinely taste the care that’s gone into making each plate, and the variety of flavours is mouth-watering without being overwhelming.

Of course, you can tell a lot about a place based on its bathrooms, and the Coppa Club’s loos did not disappoint. A modern but classic take on the decor was gratefully received. It’s all too easy nowadays to aim for the modern, minimalist, Instagrammable toilets, and fail miserably. But the Club have maintained the modernity while reclaiming a classic, funky print reminiscent of the 80s. Coupled with the beautiful artwork and quirky light fixtures, going to the bathroom has never been nicer!

Now open to the public, the Coppa Club is undoubtedly going to soar to the top of the list of places to be. Whether you’re brunching, dining, drinking or relaxing, the Coppa Club is ready to cater to all of your needs, in the most ‘Brighton’ location of the city.

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