Crowning glory

Your wedding day is a great excuse to make the most of some amazing hair treatments and look your very best. After all, all eyes are on you and you’ll be looking at the photos for a long time afterwards! So we asked award-winning L’Oreal Colour Specialist Sam Chapman how best to prepare your hair for the big day.

Sam heads up Samuel Chapman Salon in Hove. He has years of varied experience in the industry, from working as Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie’s Brighton salon to directing photoshoots, so whether you want straight sleek hair, tousled curls or a creative up do – he’s your man.

He recommends preparing your hair with a nanokeratin treatment which he describes as “a unique biomimetic technology, which breaks down keratin to a micro molecular size and allows it to penetrate into the hair shaft creating smooth, manageable hair even to the most unruly hair types”.

If that sounds a bit scientific, what it actually means is 95% less frizz, 85% less blow drying time, repair to damaged hair, enhancement of colour and less fading, as well as more shine and easier styling. AND is said to last for three months! When Sam offered us the chance to try it for ourselves, we had a bit of a fight in the office but Gemma Windham won!


Gemma says…
“I was excited about this, my hair is naturally curly and not in a nice way (I was always jealous of my best friend who could wash hers, squirt in a bit of mousse, scrunch it a bit and walk out of the bathroom with perfect bouncy curls).

Mine is more of a ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ look. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on treatments to smooth it out, and I couldn’t have picked a better week to test out this treatment’s claims either.

It was sweltering hot and although I’d blow-dried and straightened my hair to within an inch of its life less than an hour before I arrived it was already frizzy and starting to curl.

Sam greeted me and introduced me to Bekka, who washed my hair and applied the product which then stayed on my hair for 40 minutes before she dried and straightened it to seal it in and I was then sent on my way to come back three days later for the blow dry (included in the package).

That was really nice actually, to go in and have the treatment completed for you rather than just wash it out yourself.

Would I recommend the treatment? Absolutely, I’m seriously impressed!! Three weeks on and I haven’t so much as plugged in my straighteners. My hair takes a fraction of the time to blow dry, feels thicker and I’ll be going back for more of the Pureology products that you’re given as part of the package.

These are sulphate free and 100% vegan so you can feel good about treating yourself. For a two hour appointment with almost £40 of products AND a second visit for the complimentary blow dry it’s also great value for three months results.



Sam says…
This treatment is effective for three months so can be booked in at any time to fit around the wedding preparation. Bear in mind though that you can’t wash your hair for three days after application. You can have this applied at the same time as colour but you can’t colour or bleach your hair for at least two weeks after the treatment so bear that in mind when booking.

Use the provided shampoo and conditioner, they are sulphate free and won’t reverse the treatment. If your hair gets wet during the three days following treatment then use a titanium straightening iron.

We tried…. Gold Package
– Smoothing service
– Complimentary Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner prescribed to your hair condition. (RRP £36)
– 10% off future purchases of Pureology products
– Complimentary Blowdry three days after your treatment

Short hair £200
Long hair £225

Samuel Chapman Salon
82 George St

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