Delia Smith and Ed Balls cook up a storm in Hove

Sam Harrington-Lowe stopped by Pelican cafe in Hove to get a taste of cake and... Labour?

Delia and Ed making breadsticks (C) Matt Ryan

It’s not often someone gets to teach Delia Smith how to cook, but since publicly coming out in support of the Labour Party to ‘stop the NHS being run like a supermarket’, Delia has been hitting the headlines, and today she hit the cake trail, together with Ed Balls, arriving at the Pelican cafe on Portland Road, Hove to help youngsters cook up a storm.

Ed and Delia strolling down Portland Road

Ed and Delia strolling down Portland Road

Jess Haywood, who runs kids cookery workshops Cookery Doodle Doo found herself with the cooking legend and the shadow chancellor in her usual cookery group. Daunted? We would have been! Pelican owner Alan Pike said, “It was all a very last minute thing. I got a call from the Labour Party office yesterday to see if we’d be happy if Delia and Ed came in and join in. One of our regulars is Peter Kyle, the local Labour candidate, so we think he might have had something to do with it. It’s been great fun.”

On sale at the cafe was a coffee and walnut cake that Delia had actually baked that morning, which of course we had to try, and at lunchtime the excited youngsters crowded round Delia and Ed as they all made breadsticks together.

The poster after!

The poster after!

Title couldn’t help but giggle as within literally minutes of the group arriving at the cafe an ’emergency poster guy’ whipped up in a van to cover the huge Conservative poster on the side of the building!

Clearly this campaigning lark isn’t just a piece of cake.

For more information on Pelican cafe please visit their website

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