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Cuffs in Brighton

Filmed mostly in Brighton and across other parts of Sussex over the last year, Cuffs is a new police drama set to hit our screens tonight at 8pm

Written by Julie Gearey (Prisoners’ Wives, Secret Diary of a Call Girl), it’s packed full of humour and humanity. A character-led drama as well as a police procedural, Cuffs is set in the South Sussex Police department in Brighton. It follows the response officers and the detectives, and the characters of the police station. The drama is about the struggles of the everyday life of being a police officer.

Director Anthony Philipson said, “Shooting in Brighton gives the series an energy. It gives it a very colourful backdrop. You’ve got the sea, you’ve got the pier, and you’ve got the touristy areas that everyone’s familiar with. Behind that you’ve also got more run-down, earthier, more real spaces. People in Brighton themselves are quite eclectic. The best stunt in the shoot for me? It’s a toss-up between smashing the JCB through the shop window, and then the other one would be the car chase. The car chase through Sussex University was immensely fun to shoot. I have never done either before!”

Cuffs BBC1As well as the backdrop of central Brighton, scenes were shot around Stanmer Park, Ovingdean, Saltdean and the glamour of the A27. The show airs tonight for the first time and will run for eight 60 minute episodes

Cuffs, BBC1 8pm tonight

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