Finding time for fitness

Make sure you find time for your health during the colder months with Gareth Penrhyn

As the summer fades away and we’re left to look forward to the prolonged English winter, it’s easy to forget about your workout plan. The realities of work, studying, friends and family can sometimes overwhelm even the hardiest fitness fanatics and, then again, there’s always tomorrow.

Yet, tomorrow has come and gone and you still haven’t begun, so what is it that’s holding you back? Personal Trainer Gareth Penrhyn of Penrhyn PT explains some of the most common excuses for skipping exercise and the best ways to combat them head-on.

I don’t have enough time to cook and eat healthily…
You have to prepare and plan. As individuals we all procrastinate and put off what we need to do but effectively we just need to find ways to be more proactive. Exercise and nutrition are key because if you’re going to be a better father, a better mother and better at your job if you look after your brain and your health. So you have to take yourself seriously and take yourself as a priority.

I can’t fit exercise into my work routine…
DSC05002Look at how long are you going to be in the job for: six months, a year, two years? If you’re saying now that you don’t have the time to workout, that will be the same excuse next year unless you change something. You must look at your diary and find out when your off time is and utilise it as best you can. It may mean a sacrifice here and there but we can always make time.

The weather means I can’t go out to exercise…
In England we generally have five months of winter weather where it can be very cold so it is important to have options to workout indoors. It could be as short as a 20 minutes home workout up to or over an hour. We can train people even if they have to be in the same spot for the entire workout if needs be, we make it happen.


How did you get started in the fitness industry?
I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 13 years. I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer, I also have a degree in Sports Science and I run Penrhyn PT.

What makes you stand out above other Personal Trainers?
I’ve always believed that if I worry about the other trainers then that will only serve as a distraction. If I concentrate on my clients and my own self-development, I’m always going to go forward. I always dedicate time to work on my goals, mind-set and personal progression.

What separates those that achieve their goals from those that don’t?
Each person has a different starting point, from their age and metabolism to their genetics and even their lifestyle choices, and the ones who understand that and are realistic about where they’re coming from are the ones who succeed. Staying patient and sticking with the positive changes you have made is key – remember it’s a marathon not a sprint!

How can people get in touch?
If you would like to speak to me about your own personal goals and what changes you can make today to improve your health and lifestyle contact me to book in your free 30 minute How to Lose Weight and Gain Body Confidence consultation. Contact me via my email my phone on 07763 720692, the website and we also run Facebook offers on our page.

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