Five things to think about when booking the Christmas party

And no, we don’t just mean the venue, although that’s important – see point 4. But think about whether people are coming in by train, or coach. Consider if you need to book rooms overnight. Think about where you are if you think people might want to take the party to the next level afterwards! And we mean more dancing, before you get all shocked…

OK so it might seem early to be booking a Christmas party in September but trust us – by July or August a lot of the spaces on Fridays and Saturdays have gone. Maybe you’re one of those clever people that already booked them! If you’re not, get on with it!

There’s lots of options for your party – dinner at a nice eatery, crazy cocktail night followed by drinking and dancing, exclusive space with amazing entertainment, or shared party bookings for small groups who want to punch above their weight.

Maybe something completely leftfield like a Cuban theme? Get a bit creative, have some fun. Also, think carefully about your food and entertainment. If you book shared parties, you kinda get what you’re given. But if not, maybe you don’t need turkey?! How many turkey dinners do you get over December?


A casino theme?

Studies show that THE most important thing when booking an event is the venue. Pick the wrong place and it doesn’t matter what you fill it with, people will gripe, the vibe will be wrong, you’ll have to move to Australia to escape the shame. Did you know people like us offer FREE venue finding for events?! See what we did there?

OK so maybe we’re cheating a bit as this is similar to #3 but why not have a theme? It could be colour theme like a black and white ball; a nationality like Brazilian Night; Winter Wonderland with snow and stuff; James Bond, a Hawaiian luau… the possibilities are endless.

Even getting simple casino tables in will make a difference. Christmas is about feeling childlike and magical (yes it is) so why not incorporate that into your party? Be a big kid again?

For help and ideas for your Christmas party, you can always ask for help, and it won’t cost you a bean – all venue finding is free, and all proposals are too. Get in touch if you think we can create some magic for you…

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