Fracking denied in Sussex

West Sussex to stay frack-free after applications denied

Plans to frack three Sussex villages have been abandoned after application by Celtique Energies were denied.

After plans to frack in the West Sussex towns of Fernhurst, Wilsborough Green and Kirdford were turned down the fracking firm has admitted defeat, blaming recent law changes and lengthy delays in the planning appeal process.

In a statement, Celtique Energies, who were planning to test for the presence of shale gas, confirmed their withdrawal.

“Recent changes in the Infrastructure Act 2015 restricting unconventional oil and gas development in National Parks mean that one of the exploration aims, namely the evaluation of the shale properties, is no longer feasible,” the company admitted in a statement.

“This is in conjunction with Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) reinforcing new planning guidance regarding oil and gas developments in National Parks in England, stipulating that applications should be refused in these areas other than in exceptional circumstances and where it is in the public interest.

“At present there is too much uncertainty over how this test will be applied in practice to justify investment in National Parks.”

After months of protests by activist groups and locals, the announcement was welcomed by Friends of the Earth south east campaigner Brenda Pollack.

“This is a tremendous victory for common sense, and yet another blow to the Coalition’s short-sighted fracking plans,” Brenda commented on the decision.

“Shale firms must take note of local people up and down the country who are rightly concerned about the impact of fracking on their communities and environment.”


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