It’s not goodbye, it’s au revoir. Title Sussex is going on hold due to coronavirus

Title Sussex Magazine is on hold online

We’ve been trying to avoid this, but we can’t put it off any longer. It’s time for Title Sussex to take a sabbatical.

Title Media is running on a skeleton staff. We’re busy, but we don’t have enough hands. And right now, when everyone is really having such a tough time, Title Sussex is proving really hard to keep on the bubble.

Title Media does a whole bunch of other stuff aside from publishing Title Sussex – and thank god, or we’d be in the sea. Stuff like our contract publishing for clients, and our national magazine Silver, all of which is going fine. And for that we are really grateful.

We also have our copywriting, content marketing, and social media management clients, and without those we’d be in a much tougher spot. We’ve actually got writing gigs coming out of our ears, website rewrites and blogging and so on – thank heavens for that.

Stretched thin (and sadly we don’t mean our waistlines)

But right now, Title Media is running on about 50% of its usual staff. We have some furloughed, some working fewer hours. But we’re already fighting to keep up with the workload.

And unfortunately, as a little independent publishing house that relies on advertising revenue to support its titles, we’re also finding it hard to sell ad space in Title Sussex. We know businesses are having a rough time too, and we totally understand this. We’d be the last people to put others under pressure.

But it makes our magazine much harder to run and produce

So we’ve taken the sensible step of putting things on hold for now. Title Sussex was our very first magazine, launched all those years ago in 2014. And there’s no way we’re closing it down.

But right now we can’t give it the love it needs, so we’re just parking it for a bit.

Thank you to everyone

We have much to be thankful for. We’re keeping an eye on that gratitude, and sending lots of love to everyone who is having a tough time. And we’ll see you again soon. If you’ve got any questions, you can drop us a line on