Keeping wildlife safe in the heat

Look out for wildlife in the heat-

We aren’t the only ones struggling in the heatwave. Wildlife need help keeping cool in the heat too

By now we’re all familiar with the uncomfortable heat that’s coursing through the UK right now. Everyone is struggling with the heatwave and staying cool, but have you considered how our wildlife is dealing with it?

Sussex is home to plenty of beautiful wildlife thanks to an abundance of natural spaces like the South Downs. However, with increasing temperatures, wildlife aren’t able to migrate to cooler conditions in time.

Just as we are finding the hotter climate uncomfortable and harder to deal with, so are they. So, here are some ways you can make your outdoor spaces a haven for wildlife to take rest from the heat.

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Provide enough water

Water sources for animals and other wildlife tips -

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Creating more water sources in these conditions is extremely beneficial for our wildlife. Water sources are likely to dry up or be used up quicker by animals in the summer.

You can pop shallow dishes of water out in the garden for birds and insects. Placing stones in the dish also helps insects by giving them a ledge to rest on so they don’t fall in.

It’s also good to top up your pond if you have one. Use rainwater if you have a water but, if not tap water will do just fine. If you have a bird bath, keep this topped up too. Birds need to bath themselves regularly to look after their feathers.

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Maintain food sources

In the hot weather food sources can be harder to come by. Flowers and other plants will wilt in dry periods, so it’s good to actively water any berry or flower plants you have in your garden, to stop them dying. Also, remember to keep your bird feeder full of nuts and seeds if you have one.

How to help wildlife in the heat -

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Provide cover from the sun

Having shade from the sun is crucial for animals, just like us. Things like piles of logs, long grass, and rocks will be much appreciated by frogs and toads in this weather. So don’t cut your grass back or clear your outdoor spaces of these habitats.

wildlife need your help in the heat -

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Give them a hand

Any wildlife you spot behaving unusually might be need of your help. This could be seeing nocturnal animals out in the day, birds sitting on the ground, or mammals lying still. These could be severely dehydrated or experience heat stroke.

Make sure to assess the situation from a distance first. Put some water down near them and don’t handle any animals with expert advice first. Contact wildlife protection.

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