Know why, not when

Know your ‘WHY’ and you’ll lose that extra two stone

I am sure that your New Years resolution list will include the words ‘Lose Weight’ and ‘Get Fit’. Just like every New Year eh?

But why is this so important to you? What will losing two stone mean to you? How will you FEEL when you achieve it? Think about it. If you lost even half a stone would you feel any of these things?

  • lisa-MooreMore Confident
  • My clothes would fit me
  • I could buy anything from any shop and it will fit me and look nice
  • I’ll love myself more
  • People will treat me differently
  • I won’t have to hide any more
  • People will notice me
  • I’ll get a new job/relationship

Once you recognize it’s the ‘feeling’ behind WHY you want to lose weight that’s important, then you’ll have the motivation and determination to DO SOMETHING about it.

The next step is to get help – whether that’s by joining a local community fitness class, getting a personal trainer or joining a gym. Find someone you trust and who get’s you, who understands your WHY.

Recognize that it won’t be easy, it’s going to be hard work, you’re going to have to make changes and you’re going to have to make the time but with the right support you can do it. Just remember your ‘WHY’; it’ll get you there.

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