The Lightning Bolt – Lloyd Ellett

It’s looking likely that my next fight will be in Brighton on June 17 although it’s not set just yet, I’ll hopefully get confirmation this week.

It’s definitely my favourite place to fight and the support that I receive from fans, friends and family is overwhelming.

I spend as much time as possible with everyone that I can after fights but, to be honest, most have left the venue by the time I’m back out of the dressing room to go to the clubs!

I’m usually pretty tired after I fight so I generally just rest up that night and catch up with everyone the next day. I normally go and get something to eat with my girlfriend, something nice that I’ve not been able to have during the training camp!

In my last fight I moved up to 20 wins on my record on April 1 and now looking to challenge for major titles. Ideally, I want to rematch with Ryan Toms next – my only conqueror – because I feel like I’ve got to avenge that loss before I can really push on in my career.

It was in October last year when I lost for the first and only time in my four-and-a-half year long career to the two-time Southern Area champion at the Brighton Metropole, a result that continues to haunt me six months later.

You could argue that I don’t deserve a title shot ahead of him and that he should come first. Regardless, I need to set the record straight to be happy again.


I immediately bounced back from that defeat to beat Faheem Khan for a second time a few weeks later last December; next came Slovakian victim Andrej Moravek back in Brighton in February this year; followed up recently with a win over Polishman Adam Grabiec in April in my 21st professional contest in Surrey.

I’m training hard at the moment with my manager, Scott Welch. We have been working on lots of things and it’s all coming together nicely on fight nights.

There’s only eight weeks to go so I’m training three times a day to make sure I’m ready for whatever comes next.

I’m waiting on the details to be confirmed still so keep an eye out on my website for more news

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