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If you’re already missing the all-too-brief return of the League of Gentlemen in December last year, we have good news for you. For the first time in over 12 years, the team are touring live again – and in our neck of the woods will be coming to Brighton, Plymouth and Bournemouth.

For those of you who missed it, incidentally – there were three special episodes on December 18, 19 and 20 last year. You can track these down on iPlayer we reckon. In fact you could try clicking HERE. You’re welcome.

League of Gentlemen Title Sussex Magazine www.titlesussex.co.uk

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‘The League of Gentlemen Live Again!’ kicks off in Sunderland in August 2018 with gigs hitting the south in September, and the tour will see BAFTA Award-winning comedy legends Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson bring their dark and unhinged fictional village of Royston Vasey to theatres and arenas across the country. Pauline and Ross, Mickey-love, Tubbs and Edward… the entire dark family will be there.

We’d already gone to the trouble of getting the costumes and learning the voices again, so why not?

A joint release from the twisted team says; “The League of Gentlemen started as a live show over 20 years ago and in many ways performing in front of an audience gives us the biggest thrill of all. We’re overjoyed to be taking the citizens of Royston Vasey on a road-trip and can’t wait to see all the wonderful local places in our increasingly local country.

“Plus we’d already gone to the trouble of getting the costumes and learning the voices again for the TV show so we thought why not? Something to do isn’t it?”

If that dedicated commitment wasn’t enough to tempt you into parting with your hard-earned, Tubbs Tattsyrup adds, “I’m so eccited to take my preshus things on tour agen I did a little brown fish! Do wee go to Swansea?”

So there you have it. For further Sussex-based connections, we’re sure you know that the Royston Vasey ‘local shop’ trope was born out of a visit to Rottingdean (and that Royston Vasey is actually Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown’s real name?) Two very good reasons to spend some time in the company of these extraordinary gents if nothing else. Pens not required.

8 September Plymouth, Pavilions
12 September Brighton, Centre
25 September Bournemouth, BIC

Ticket prices from £35
Website: www.Leagueofgentlemen.live
Tickets available through Ticketmaster.co.uk

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