Mrs All in One

Lindsay Katherine-Hills jets off to Belarus in August to represent the UK in Mrs Universe, a competition which is about more than just fashion, as Title finds out…

Tell us a bit about your background and who you are
I’m Brighton born, but I spent ten years in Canada. I love being back in England and now having the opportunity to represent my country again. I’m passionate about fashion and am a semi-professional ice skater.

Tell us about Mrs Universe and how you ended up doing this!
I studied advertising and marketing and never expected to be involved with events like Mrs World. I guess I fell into this world. I competed ten years ago and then stopped until last year when my husband George convinced me to compete again. It’s been emotional. It’s hard work and very challenging, but so rewarding.

What’s the deal with Mrs Universe? How’s it different from Miss World, for example?
The main distinction for Mrs Universe is that the women are married. It’s to celebrate, honour and uplift the image of women today who are responsible for home and family. Mrs Universe has its own motto ‘Women of the World against Violence’. Physical beauty is a very small part; it’s more about being successful and inspirational – making a difference and demonstrating our character and strength as women.

608-FLYou’re an ambassador for a charity for this event – what’s your chosen charity and what do you have to do?
For Mrs Universe I will be involved with RISE and the Brighton Women’s Centre. My eyes have been opened to the harsh reality of what some women and children go through behind closed doors. I’m planning a small send off and will hopefully have a guest speaker and also a raffle for the charity.

What happens at the actual event in Belarus?
Every year up to 60 women meet in a different part of the world for this international event. The week consists of lots of events, dinners, public speaking and then finally the fun part on stage. We have a national costume round and of course the evening gown as well as a chance to demonstrate your poise and elegance. It’s about having the whole package: compassion, brains and beauty.

Tell us about the clothes, who’s dressing you?
Chrissie Nicholson-Wild designed and made my stunning gown for Mrs World and I’m tempted to wear it again. I’ve always been supported by Walk in Wardrobe for gowns and accessories. My wardrobe is pretty substantial, so it’s mainly the evening gown that I need to organise. If anyone reading would like to assist please get in touch.

What is on the cards in the next year?
My life is so hectic, working for a well-known international airline, modelling, competing, charity work and, of course, being a wife. After the competition I’m going to focus on building my PR business and I’d like to start a training course for pageantry as I’m a veteran and this industry is rapidly growing in the UK.  I feel so blessed for all of the incredible opportunities that come my way.

Finally, tell us about your launch party event…
I head off to Belarus for Mrs Universe on August 24th, so I’ll be planning my soirée before then. Everyone is invited!

For more information visit Lindsay’s Facebook page.

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