Behind the scenes…

Production assistant Lili Harrington-Lowe brings you the gossip from behind the scenes on location…

Photos: Lili Harrington-Lowe

Doing an outdoor shoot on location rather than in an indoor venue always brings extra challenges – including the possibility of rain! But we were lucky with the weather. Our fabulous photo shoot took place at the rather dashing Burgess Hill Golf Centre and it was hot, hot hot.

01fa22eaa60475b4e8c2b7516dbd4039c1a4c1c72dThe venue was amazing – not only did they give us awesome places to take photos but the shop on site very kindly let us use their clubs and shoes and even included some of their clothes. This was particularly helpful as some of the clothes we’d called in from the other designers didn’t fit Robin, our male model – which was a bit of a scare at the start of the day.

The golf course offered us beautiful lakes and exquisite green land full of hills, trees and of course many golfers. We had multiple encounters with startled golfers who just wanted to play golf on a nice Tuesday afternoon.

We were given a room within the restaurant where our experienced team got the models ready and set up the equipment; our make-up artist on site was the very skilled Charlene who transformed the models into golfing royalty.

I turned around at one point and Robin actually had flowers in his beard. Our female model, Jade, not only fitted all her clothes but she rocked them too. Both models looked ready to golf with the queen of England. Does the Queen play golf?

Lili Harrington-Lowe and Frida Clementz

Lili Harrington-Lowe and Frida Clementz

The models’ hair and Robin’s beard were styled to perfection by the lovely Raf from Black Eye who claimed he had golfing skills… which was then challenged by Robin. We are still waiting for the grudge match. Raf served up some fashion realness though when he was released on our models’ hair; he turned them from summer don’ts into summer dos.

On the day of the shoot it was very hot and half of mine and a couple of others’ time was spent taping up the bottoms of the golf shoes to stop them getting dirty, and sticking panty-liners into the armpits of the shirts to stop them getting sweaty. Oh, the glamour!

There was also quite a long walk from the room to where the photoshoots were taking place, so going back and forth meant that when the restaurant brought us food we were starving. They were brilliant though – they also provided us with iced water, tea and coffee throughout the whole day. This was a huge help as I think half of us would have fainted without water or caffeine.

01f75b17e1f4796ae8432115b327ebc87a01999769Some very interesting yoga poses were struck by Erika, our photographer, just to get the right shots. I can recall seeing the ‘laying down legs in the air’ pose on many occasions, just so that she could get the best angles with the photos. All while assistant Matt Ryan was doing the ‘standing very still and holding the flashlight’ pose.

The day was long and tiring with many clothing changes, going to and fro across the golf course, and hair and makeup alterations; not to mention keeping out of the way of the mighty middle class golfers.

But the shoot was a success and we are very happy with how the photos turned out. Although the fun didn’t stop when we’d finished shooting; oh no, there was still unsticking the shoes, taking off the panty-liners, putting the clothing back in its original packaging, returning the clothes, shoes and clubs… and of course having one last drink at the classy bar.

To see a video from behind the scenes at our fashion shoot CLICK HERE.