Renew your hair with Nuyu Hair

Daniel White caught up with the founders of NuYu Hair Rebeca Aparicio and Marianna Angeli.

What is NuYu Hair?
NuYu Hair Ltd is a British-owned independent and bespoke hair brand offering products such as ¾ hairpieces and clip-in fringes of a deluxe quality.

How did NuYu Hair begin?
We have collectively used hairpieces for over 15 years. Frustrated with the need to wear two hairpieces at a time to achieve the desired full bodied look, NuYu Hair was born out of a desire to create a range of hairpieces which could create the desired look in under five minutes.

roloWhat sets you apart from the competition?
With the UK hairpiece market flooded with poor quality, low heat resistant and limited colour palettes, NuYu Hair is set to offer the closest match to human hair in colour and weight, at a fraction of the price of real hair extensions, with a scientifically tested hair fibre. Offering a deluxe weight of 300-400g, they’ll enable women to style their hairpiece as desired to a maximum heat of 180 degrees.

Who are these for?
Gone are the days where hairpieces were only the choice of TV stars and celebrities. Now, women of all ages from professionals seeking a quick evening hair-do, mums on the school run, to those in recovery from chemotherapy, are driving a new direction in the market which NuYu Hair is seeking to serve.

Are these suitable for a wedding day?
NuYu hairpieces are suitable for a bride’s big day as they are cost effective and also less damaging than hair extensions, leaving the bride to focus her budget elsewhere.

How easy are the hairpieces to use?
All NuYu hairpieces are really simple to use and can take less than five minutes. They have four strategically placed clips and a wide toothcomb that position onto the scalp to ensure a comfortable yet stable hold to the hair. You can find a video tutorial on how to attach the hairpieces at

How can I use them as the trends change?
We have over thirty colours in our colour palette to keep up to date with the current trends. Our hairpieces are so versatile that they can be styled and cut so can be used as the trends change.

How can people get hold of your hairpieces?
Our hairpieces are available to buy at

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– Hairpieces are expensive – False. NuYu hairpieces starts from £39.99.
– They always look synthetic – Wrong again. NuYu Hair is made from a fine scientifically tested fibre to replicate human hair.
– It’s only one look – Not true. The hair is heat resistant up to 180 degrees enabling you to style it and even straighten it. When you wash it, it goes back to how it was before.
– They’re hard to use – Untrue. They’re very easy to attach and take off on your own all within five minutes.
– It will damage your hair like extensions can – Incorrect. It doesn’t damage your hair at all.

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