Sealed with a Kis

If ever there was someone better named to give you kissable lips, Teresa Kis would take some beating. Keen to pucker up for some Valentine smooching, Title went along to put the Kis to the test…

Teresa Kis is currently enjoying fame as THE name for the best lips in town, giving you the best pout without any trout. But there’s much more to her; she is a highly qualified aesthetic treatments practitioner and qualified nurse offering a range that includes not just lip enhancements but medical grade peels, Botox, fillers, and even the famous ‘Vampire Facial’ – the platelet-rich plama therapy made famous by celebs (you know who they are!).

As with many of these treatments, there’s obviously needles involved and so therefore there’s topical anaesthetic. Teresa goes through the treatment with you as a consultation beforehand, not just to tell you how it works and find out what you want, but also to really manage expectations.

“I had a very senior lady in one day,” she explains, “and I really needed to let her know that whilst fillers could smooth out some of the lines and wrinkles, there is a limit to the difference it can make in terms of lifting her skin. It’s important we let clients know what the limitations are.”

webIMG_9247Her honesty is refreshing – there are ‘therapists’ practicing the use of dermal fillers and Botox who are untrained and unregulated, and it’s hard sometimes to know if you’re in safe hands. Teresa is not only a trained nurse, she has worked for the clinical company that makes the fillers, training other practitioners how to use them, for more than 12 years. So you’re really in the hands of a master here.

“I use Emervel,” she explains, “because it causes very little swelling and soreness. But also sometimes Juvederm. I try to offer my clients the best advice and suggest the right treatments and products for them. I do the backs of hands too, so they’re also soft and plumped up. People forget the hands. They have a youthful face, then you see the backs of their hands…”

OK, so we think we might have to go back and try everything she does, because Teresa really is an expert with the lips. Perfect shape, very little stinging, no bruising… just plumped up sexy lips. We are impressed with the results – in fact struggling even to drag our eyes away from the mirror to actually leave the clinic.

Teresa likes to reach as many areas of Sussex as possible. Her favourite place is her clinic in Peacehaven (pictured) but you can find her at several locations in Sussex including Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and at the Arundel Clinic, so call or check to find out which days and where.

She is also really happy to do private bookings with small groups, so if you’ve got a little celebration coming up, maybe that’s a fun thing to do all together.

Teresa Kis Aesthetics
01273 586906
07825 331529

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