Sussex’s top ten bloggers and vloggers

From PewDiePie to Zoella, we're blessed with some of the world's most famous bloggers and vloggers here in Sussex, so Rimante Boguzaite put together our top ten, do you agree?

With the never-ending trend of internet celebrity, what is a better recipe for one than sun and seaside? Here are ten of Sussex’s top bloggers and vloggers that you need to check out…



PewDiePie – 55m followers
Swedish-born YouTuber, best known for game videos and commentary, PewDiePie is loved by gamers and social media fans. Famous for goofy jokes and voices – “Don’t be a salad, be the best damn broccoli you could ever be.”- his YT channel has been the most subscribed to since 2013 and has received over 12 billion views. PewDiePie has even been included in the Times’ ‘The World’s 100 Most Influential People’ list.

ZoellaZoella – 11m followers
Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own” says Zoella, a beauty and fashion vlogger and author, who has become a favourite for young girls and women who love beauty advice and make up. Winner of the best beauty vlog by Cosmopolitan, Zoella has published two books and launched a bath and beauty product range, which is one of the most popular beauty product collections with teenagers to date.


CutiePieMarziaCutiePieMarzia – 7m followers
Italian YouTuber based in Brighton, Marzia is not only a vlogger, but also a voice actress. Her philosophy is as such, “If you want to do something, you’re just completely free to do it,” and she swears by it. Marzia has launched her own clothing line, a beauty subscription box service, and is planning to publish her second book this year. Marzia’s channel is the most subscribed Italian channel on YouTube and will be absolutely adored by those into beauty and fashion.


marcus-butlerMarcus Butler – 4.6m followers
Make sure you’re following this video if you’re looking to have a giggle after a long day, as Butler’s videos consist mostly of comedy sketches and vlogs, often receiving up to 24 million views a month. “If you have a passion, don’t stop, go for it!” is Marcus’ philosophy, and he truly follows through – this June Butler participated in the newest season of Celebrity MasterChef and has launched a music management company Stripped Bear Entertainment, which already has signed two artists.


Alfie-DeyesAlfie Deyes – 5.5m followers
There are too many people in the world to let just one keep you down” says YouTuber Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog), also known for dating another successful vlogger, Zoella. Alfie has participated in numerous collaborations with other vloggers, and is currently starring in Style Haul series The Crew. Deyes is also an author, having published three activity books, all of which were on Amazon’s Top Ten chart, and will be most enjoyed by casual comedy fans.


Niomi-SmartNiomi Smart 2m followers
Let your personality show through” is the philosophy of Niomi Smart, a lifestyle and beauty blogger and vlogger also known for her past relationship with another internet celebrity, Marcus Butler. Niomi’s internet career is short but impressive – in just two years she has gained over two million followers! She has also recently set up a healthy snack delivery business with her now ex-boyfriend, and is about to publish a cook book in September. Niomi will be loved by anyone who is into healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle, and of course, delicious food.


Gabriella-LindleyGabriella Lindley – 1m followers
Being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be” says Sheffield- born Gabby, who is another hot beauty and lifestyle vlogger. Gabriella’s videos are most popular among make-up loving girls and women. Known for her squabbles with other YouTubers, Gabriella has also become famous for her Primark homeware range, which proved to be so popular that she is set to release a new Primark stationary collection this July.



mynameschaiMyName’sChai – 441k followers
Charlie Cameron, or Chai, can definitely be called one of YouTube’s vlogging veterans. “The world is your playground. Go explore,” is the mantra Chai lives by. Having posted content since 2007, he is best known for comedy and gaming videos. With a strong teenage following for his funny, down-to-earth content, MyName’sChai is one of the top up-and-coming British YouTube channels, and will be loved by those with a little nerdy streak.


gingerfitsproGingerfitspo 50k followers
This blog will be most enjoyed by those crazy about health and fitness. It began when the blogger Chloe started documenting her weight loss journey, and now it is a huge online library of recipes, workout ideas and inspiration for those needing a little kick in the rear. She also has an eBook on healthy comfort foods – ever thought of baking black bean brownies? “Don’t knock it before you try it!



Salman-ParekhSalman Parekh – 17.9k followers
Our aim is to turn a sad day into a smile” is the motto of Maansals, a video logging and photography studio founded in 2010 by Pakistani born and raised Salman Parekh. Having moved to Brighton to study, Salman’s YouTube channel is best known for comedy and prank videos, mostly focused on the Islamic tradition, but is culturally intelligible to anyone with a good sense of humour.