Worried about the chemicals in your spring cleaning stuff? Ecogym gave Gemma Windham some amazing natural cleaning recipes…

Do you worry about climate change? We do. Environmentalists are warning that in the wake of Brexit, the government could water down environmental policies in an effort to optimise trade agreements, and if they’re not treating sustainability as a priority… well then maybe we should step up.

So, have you looked in your cleaning cupboard lately? If you’re thinking of switching from mass produced cosmetics, for example, wouldn’t it be nicer to know that you’re avoiding harsh chemicals as you clean your home too?

“But you can’t get your house properly clean without chemicals” we hear you cry. Wrong! We chatted to Paul Crane, owner and founder of Sussex based sustainable Ecogym about how to ditch the Cillit Bang.

Paul believes passionately that we should take as much care of the environment as we do our bodies and has kitted his gyms out with Sportsart cardio equipment that harnesses human energy, and converts it to utility grade electricity which is then returned to the grid. His members are effectively powering the gym, and are incentivised to work even harder as they track their energy contribution via an app, AND earn discounted fees!

But that’s not all. These eco gym bunnies actually make their own cleaners from essential oils and natural products with antibacterial qualities. So we asked Paul and business partner Andy Little to hook us up with some eco cleaning power…

Chrome and Glass Cleaner – makes 2 litres
½ cup white vinegar
¼ cup baking soda
2 litres water

Mix water and vinegar together then mix in the baking soda. Decant into bottles. This can also be used a general cleaner if needed.

Mould/Grout Spray – makes around 750ml
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
2 cups water
Combine the ingredients. Spray on to area and leave for an hour before rinsing away. The area must not to be used whilst being treated by the solution.

Antibacterial Spray – makes 1 litre
5 drops orange oil
7 drops tea tree oil
2 drops eucalyptus oil
5 drops lavender oil
Mix oils with water.

Drain Cleaner – makes 1 portion (per drain)
½ cup baking soda
½ cup white vinegar
Pour the vinegar down the drain and then the baking soda. Leave for at least 30mins then flush with hot water.


Some green ideas are simple to remember. If you can, reuse. Rinse out water bottles and refill them! If you can’t reuse then recycle – we all know what to do. But a few more ideas for you…

1. Look for alternatives to plastic. Andy’s latest find is a bamboo toothbrush!
2. Car share or better still, walk or cycle short distances
3. Hang out your washing rather than use a dryer
4. Donate unwanted items rather than bin them, Paul and Andy donate lost property from both gyms to the homeless


All social – @ecogymuk
Gyms are in The Perch on Lancing Beach and St James St Brighton

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