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The Title team go wine tasting at Morris & Jacques Café in the name of research

If there’s anything nicer than good food and wine with interesting company at a big dining table, I’d like to know what it is. Well, maybe not – I have no idea what you’re into and it could be unsavoury.

But this is personally one of my absolute favourite things to do. And last night I, and Title Sussex comrades Frida Clementz and Julia Wright, were treated to a real extravagance of food and wine combining at the hands of the lovely Rachel Jacques of Morris & Jacques Café in Kemptown, Brighton and wine expert Andy Rice of Sheridan Cooper’s wine company.

Rachel holds these events on a monthly basis, or thereabouts, and each time it’s different – last night we travelled the length and breadth of South America identifying different wines and climates, and ate food that was chosen to work with those wines.

[three_fourth]The set-up this time meant we all sat around a huge dining table complete with daffodils, and one of the nice things about the whole affair is meeting and sitting next to new people. After bubbles and hellos we gamely worked our way through a number of courses, all in the name of research and reportage of course.

But it was utter heaven. From the marriage of chicken satay and Gewürztraminer, via spring vegetable terrine and organic Torrontes, through stunning pulled lamb with Pinot Noir and then into tender beef with Malbec and Tannat, it was one hell of a ride.[/three_fourth]


The cheese board, with a full range of cheeses ALL from Sussex, was heaven and came with what was my favourite wine of the night, a rich, elegant Malbec from Argentina.

The food comes as lovely sharing plates, so it’s not a full course each time – a good thing or I would have needed a crane to get me out again – but it’s also fascinating listening to Andy talk about the wines and bringing them to life. He’s the absolute antithesis of your poncy wine buff, and the down to earth delivery is a refreshing change.

All in all, a really lovely evening – Title recommends heartily.


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Andy Rice at Sheridan Coopers



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