Top ten tips to win a business award

2016 BAHBAs photo ©Julia Claxton 2016 BAHBAs photo ©Julia Claxton

Now in their twelfth year, the BAHBAs are firmly established as the city’s independent premier business awards scheme…

They say it’s good business to enter awards. From networking to raising the company profile, being part of an awards event can help promote your business no end.

However, it’s even better to win them.

Companies of any size can enter business awards, with a range of categories and sectors to choose from. And while the initial entry may take time and energy, the rewards can be innumerable.

In Brighton, the most prestigious scheme of its kind and widely considered to be ‘the one to win’ is the Brighton and Hove Business Award. The event draws the very best from across the city for a night that celebrates the excellence and success of the city’s business community.

If you’re still not sure whether or not to enter, here are our top ten tips explaining how to submit a winning entry to the BAHBAs.

  1. Think It Over! Take a moment to think carefully about the categories you wish to enter and make your choice based on your strengths as a company or as an individual. Be honest about what you’re good at and how you can demonstrate this to the judges.
  1. Be On Time! Don’t leave it till the last minute. Rushed entries will not make you stand out from the crowd and make sure you submit on time.
  1. Stand Out from the Crowd! Bullet points and bolding can help make your point and ensure easy reading. Don’t forget to state clearly at the beginning precisely why you deserve to win a particular category.
Fastest Growing Business 2016 - Ellie Ellie, photo ©Julia Claxton Title Sussex Magazine

Fastest Growing Business 2016 – Ellie Ellie, photo ©Julia Claxton

  1. Prove It! You may know it for fact but the judges will want to see proof of your claims to be ‘the best’, offering ‘great service’, ‘value for money’ or ‘being innovative’. Make sure you avoid clichés and vague statements such as ‘raise awareness’.
  1. Keep It Simple! Keep your entry succinct by writing in plain English. Although you may know what you’re on about, the judges are unlikely to be experts in your particular field, so avoid jargon.
  1. Putting Pen to Paper! Entries are usually best written by the PR/Marketing Department or by external experts. They know you company well and are used to explaining its best bits. Just make sure it doesn’t contain typos.
  1. Food for Thought! Can you demonstrate that your product/service has a market? Is there a demand from that market? Is the business sustainable? Provide a robust evaluation of your business. Competitor analysis and sales, turnover and profit figures speak for themselves and are not subjective.
  1. Make It Clear! Ensure you don’t hide your best arguments in supporting material, as it might get missed.
  1. Don’t Duck the Question! Answer all of the questions, rather than just the ones that suit you. Whether or not you excel in every area, the judges will appreciate your honesty.
  1. Triple Check! Check, check and check again. From misspelt words to overly wordy paragraphs, make sure your submission is clear, accurate and contains no mistakes.

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What really makes the BAHBAs stand out is the quality of the judging panel which features some of the leading companies and organisations in the city. They are truly independent.

Businesses can enter up to three categories and entry costs £50 (ex vat) for one entry or £100 (ex vat) for up to three, with deadline for submissions on Friday 14  July at 5pm! So hurry up!

To view this year’s categories and to download an entry form, head online to

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